10 Most common Queries That Bug Electronic Cigarette Seekers

Facts about e-cigarettes

It is quite true that Cigarette smoking is very much prevalent in today’s population. More than 35% people are addicted to smoking and they smoke tobacco cigarettes even though they are well aware of the detrimental effect of tobacco smoking on our health. On this wake there is a considerable shift from the tobacco smoking to the electronic cigarettes or ecigs. Most of the seekers are opting as the way of reducing the nicotine intake as well as in the process of quitting smoking.

There are indeed many varied reasons to opt for electronic cigarettes that range from experimenting with something new to reducing the nicotine intake or there are many who are opting as a coolest option available in smoking. Whatever the reason that is driving people towards the electronic cigarettes quite enthusiastically, but at times there are many who are just baffled with the contradictory information pertaining to these smoke free cigarettes. That is why we are presenting you with the most common queries that first timer e-cigarettes smokers are seeking. These are as follow:

Facts about e-cigarettes1. Are e-cigarettes Tobacco free?

Yes, it is true that Electronic cigarette doesn’t contain tobacco and has no foul smell. Instead, liquid nicotine is used in order to provide similar feeling of smoking. This is the fact that many people prefer this novel option instead of conventional cigarette smoking.

2. Can these cigarettes reduce health issues of smoking?

Normal cigarettes has tobacco without any filter that increase oral problems as awful smell, gum problems, dried lips etc with bigger problems like mouth cancer. E-Cigarettes don’t contain tobacco that creates foul smell in user mouth.  This reduces chances of accumulation of tar in lungs that lead towards cancer or problems related to respiration system.  Hence, it has considerably less health hazards to the people who smoke electronic cigarettes. It is indeed better than normal cigarettes.

3. What about the feeling and experience of vaping?

E-cigarettes are quite similar to the normal cigarettes in terms of shape, effect and gratification. Vaping experience creates same amount of smoke and give pleasure to user. Releasing of nicotine in chunks gives signals to mind and we can’t differentiate that we are using traditional cigarettes or electronic ones.

10 Facts about e-cigarettes4. How they work?

With this cigarette you need not have to worry about carrying litters. In some of electronic cigarettes batteries are used to let off cigarettes automatically. It removes stress and burden of taking lighters with you and you can enjoy smoking in new style. Moreover, there is a vaporizer that creates the vaping experience for the user. You can seek variety of vapour as they are available separately. As these cigarettes can be refilled you can choose differ options to vary in your smoking experience. Or else you can carry on with the one that sync with you the best.

5. What about charging of ecigs?

USB charger is available with the electronic cigarette kit. If these cigarettes are not lighting then, you can use USB port given in it to charge batteries. Therefore you can use these cigarettes again and again without any hassle due to its reusability aspects.

6. Are they affordable?

For chain smokers it is revolutionary product because now they can enjoy tobacco free, smoke free option when it comes to the annual cost of vaping compared to tobacco cigarette smoking. If you are regular smoker and wasted lot of money just to smoke then change your normal cigarettes into electronic ones. This way of smoking won’t put lots of burden on your pocket and serve you for longer period of time without any breaks. Smoke generated in these cigarettes is also very much similar but on the safe side the fatal effects of cigarette smoking are reduced by this the use of electronic cigarettes.

e-cigarettes7. Are they allowed in public places?

Electronic cigarettes are allowed in various public places and offices as there is no foul smell. But before using it you should check rules and no smoking zones to avoid any kind of troubles. These days there are separate vaping lounge for those who want to enjoy their electronic cigarettes.

8. How are they better than normal cigarettes?

Passive smoking is equally devastative as active smoking. Cigarette smoke contains harmful elements in it and that put lot of effects on health. Passive smoker inhales this smoke un-intentionally and comes under the threat of cancer and other diseases related to cigarette smoking. In similar case electronic cigarettes decrease consequences of passive smoking to limited amount and dangers related to smoking compared with regular cigarettes. But still passive smoking is really dangerous and avoiding active smoking is best way to ensure good health.

Facts about e-cigarettes9. Is there any risk of using electronic cigarettes?

Well the answer to this is ‘yes’. They are indeed risky in term of its nicotine content which has the similar impact on the body as tobacco cigarette does although that is comparatively low in intensity. But still be cannot negate that. Moreover, it is an electronic device and has lithium battery which can be a cause of some hazards in case of mishandling.

10. Are the online buying of these cigarettes, okay?

There are many authentic and reliable ecig counters online but surely you need to be vigilant while seeking it for the first time. You can ask the person who is using it already. There are numerous options available in the electronic cigarettes ranging from the different inhalers, nicotine content, shapes and sizes. Different companies are providing different vaping experience. You can even opt to explore on your own before settling for the one that suits your expectations. Hence, you can make way for the use of electronic cigarettes quite easily as they are highly accessible affordable and more over come with lot many benefits over the traditional smoking. It is time that you start making move towards the better options that can help you not only in gratifying your cravings but also in saving you from extra cost and health hazards.

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