10 Common Symptoms Of Sleep Deprivation

In this high paced life majority of us are sleep deprived and there are any who will just neglect this as sheer wastefulness sofa our time. But it is now proved by many biologists and psychologists that sound and deep sleep is quintessential to our well-being.

It is really important that you take minimum six hours sleep if you want to be healthy and productive in your life. Moreover, there is also now resurgence of the ‘siesta’ that is sleeping in the day time to recover creative energies and replenishes the lost zeal for work. Many corporate sectors are now giving due importance to the sleeping hours of their employees especially those working into creative and innovative spheres.

Most importantly, let’s find out more about the different aspects of sleep deprivation which affects our physical, mental, professional and emotional spheres.

10 common symptoms of sleep deprivationHow sleep deprivation is bad for your health?

There are so many health issues that are related with sleep. If a person is not taking enough of sleep that can cause lot of mental problems as well as physical problems e.g. pain in muscles. While sleeping, body releases hormones that help to heal and repair damaged parts of our body specially muscles and decrease pressure on respiration and other vital systems. It is therefore, bad for your heath as well as to your productivity and creativity.

How sleeping on time keeps you fit, mentally?

Indubitably, sleeping in time keeps you fit in every manner especially emotionally and psychologically. Sleeping reduces stress that is main culprit of mental diseases from headache to depression and also helps in improving the functionality of mind.

Therefore, people may have lot of physical and mental problems due to sleep deprivation.

Following are the 10 most prominent symptoms of sleep deprivation that will give you the clearer picture if you are getting enough sleep or not:

1. Feeling hungry and fatigued:

With lack of sleep there are increasing chances that you Rae feeling excessively tired and hungry. It is due to the decrease in energy levels because of the wakefulness. Sleep act as the recharging of the body batteries so that you can work with full force; but when you ignore this important aspect you are risking yourself to burnouts for sure.

2. Not able to remember simplest things:

One of the most common problems that a sleep deprived person will have that is short term and long term memory problems. People struggling from sleep depressiveness can’t remember most of the things that they have done even on the similar days.

3. Vulnerability in emotions without any reason:

People face increased emotional instability then they are facing sleep disorders. Sleep is a state of relaxation and replenishment of energies, it also include our emotional sphere as well. We are more expressive and can show case emotional intelligence when we have healthy sleeping patterns otherwise we are the mercy of our mood swings with oscillates between extreme gloominess to intense anger.

4. Poor perception:

Our senses also do not work properly. Our vision, auditory senses deteriorates in case we have poor sleeping habits. The major cause for road accident after alcohol is sleep deprivation of the driver. You are also prone to commit more errors in your work if you are not taking proper sleep.

Top 10 health tips overcome depression5. Deteriorated concentration:

People who are sleep deprived can’t concentrate on any task that is routine work. It leads towards problems that diminish their creativity and hampers their working style. They won’t be able to work for longer period of time. This results in decreased performance and self satisfaction that open flood gates for stress and mental issues.

6. Lack of awareness on every level:

You will be missing out exits on highways frequently or can’t recall memories of what you have done throughout day in case you did not slept well last night. You will soon be Sick and tired after listening comments that you have ignored your friends, relatives and you may have no clue what you have done to ignite such comments. All these things indicate that you are sleep deprived.

It’s simply because you are not aware of what is going on around you. People who don’t take regular sleep, they have effects on their awareness. These people can’t recognize even bigger changes around them. This sign is very general indication that you are sleep deprived.

7. Extraordinary increase in aggressiveness:

People who are sleep deprived become more and more aggressive without any reason. They fail to recognize the cause of their anger and negative emotions. They become too rude and might indulge in physical fights sooner than they would like to?  Yes, there would be subsequent remorse and regret. You can save your social grace by taking adequate sleep.

sleeping8. Feeling sleepy in daytime:

This is one of the most common ways of recognizing that you are struggling with sleep. If you are feeling sleepy in day time whenever you enter in dark and cosy room then this is hallmark indication that you are sleep deprived. If you are having enough sleep then you should be alert and active during days rather than feeling asleep.

9. Poor coordination of mind and body:

Sleep deprived people can’t manage normal activities of daily routines efficiently because their mind and body haven’t rested properly. Hence, there is lack of harmony in body and mind that deteriorates normal functionality of people.

 10. Irritability while handling stressful situations:

Stresses are part of our life especially in the work setting it is prevalent every day. It is seen that if you are deprived of your sleep then handling stressful situations become increasingly cumbersome. This leads to irritable behaviour causing you to complicate the matter or you may find the stressors unbearable. So, if you want that you can handle stress effectively then you need to make sure that you are taking quality sleep every night.

All in all, we can conclude that sleep is surely a solace for many of your troubles, stressors and issues. You need to start giving resting, relaxation and sound sleeping due consideration if you want to live a blissful and harmonious life.

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