10 Easy Yet Effective Exercises “U” Can Do Secretly In Office

top 10 health tipsTo be honest, lifting your arms and legs while sitting at your office desk is patently awkward. So, no matter how many exercises you search matching the paradigm of your 9 to 5 job, you will be definitely disappointed with the search results. Let’s face a known fact, when it comes to office exercises, there are limited options which don’t call for needless attention on yourself. Exercising while sitting on your office desk, definitely sounds hilarious, but who said one cannot exercise on the QT (chuckles)? Well, the 10 easy yet very effective exercises discussed within this write up can be tried anywhere ranging from the pantry, stairs, passageways and even the seat. Apart from combating the weight gain, these exercises will watch the stress levels and scorch fatigue.

Never forget every step you take matters big time

When we are talking about effective office exercises, stairs tops the league. As an attempt to accomplish the quest of a fit body stop relying on escalators and lifts. Try to take the stairs as much as possible. Here comes an amazing fact, each time you take the stairs you burn around twenty-five percent of a calorie. And the extra burning of calories can be achieved by doing the double or triple step trick. Always remember only a stair master can have pretty and toned legs.

Twinkle Toe to make fatigue your foe

All you have totop 10 health tips be is Fred Astaire for a minute or two but, how? By swiftly tapping your toes on the floor under the desk. Yes, under the desk, thus no undue attention. The twinkle toe tap exercise is a very basic abdominal work-out wherein the abs move either statically or isometrically. However, while performing the toe tap under the desk, the abdominal muscles will not be the primary movers, but their engagement is pretty sure.

Butt cheek clenching

The amazing part of these sly exercises is that no one will come to know about your desk-workout. Did you know, muscular contractions are the new fitness mantra without coming off as a gym freak?Lift yourself from your seat around an inch while clenching your butt cheeks. Stay in the same position for 15 to 20 seconds or count to ten staying in that position. For all those, who want to burn extra calories can continue with the whole body clenching regime.

Learn to be a cubicle wanderer

Ewww, who walks in the office? Well, take a stroll down the passage or your bay to catch your colleague. Rather than dialing extensions for a cup of coffee, just walk by the pantry. But make sure, you are aware of the mouthwatering candy jars while your cubicle wandering sessions.

top 10 health The magical Carpet Ride

The carpet ride exercise is an excellent workout for your legs and arms. For performing this magical carpet ride, all you have to do is sit on the chair in the leg folded position. Keep your hands on the arm rests and try raising your body about an inch. Stay in the position for 10 to 20 seconds.

Wall Sit

This is an exclusive washroom exercise, which helps in strengthening the glutes and quadriceps. Stand straight with your feet around 6 inches from the wall with your feet hip-width apart. Now, you should lean back against the wall such that the shoulder blades and your buttocks touch the wall. Now, lower your body as if you are sitting on the wall. For about 15 seconds, maintain the same position. The wall sit is a great strengthening exercise. You can practice the same at your desk with slight modifications in the form of invisible chair sit.

** Try to keep your body weight on the heels during the wall sit.

top 10 health tipsSeated Leg Raise

Yes, seated leg raise can be very easily executed under the desk. When increments are nowhere to be seen, same applies to the seated leg raise. Sit straight on your chair and lift both your legs, making a 90 degree angle with your upper body. Count 10 in the same position and bring your legs back to normal position touching the ground. Relax for a minute and then go for a second raise. You can repeat this simple exercise atleast once in an hour. If you want, you can go for alternate leg raise as well. Additionally, if you are expecting a good ab workout with these leg raises, add some weight over the ankles by entwining a briefcase strap.

Shoulder Spin

This desk exercise is a sound move for flexibility. Here is again an exercise, which begins with sitting straight in your chair. With your palms stretched outwards, reach your right hand behind your back. Your right hand must reach the shoulder blades. Now, it is left hand’s turn, try reaching the left hand with palm out towards the ceiling and try to touch your right hand. Stay in this handshake position for 10-15 seconds and then switch the positions of the arms.

health informationThe Last man standing is always the biggest awardee

Admittedly, when it comes to 9 to 5 office schedule, there is no better work-out than standing. In traditional scenarios, standing may not be considered as an exercise, however, it occupies a noteworthy significance at work culture. It is well-researched fact that standing prevents many problems which are caused by longer periods of sittings. To name a few, diabetes, obesity, and many others.

Office Dips

Yes, you can do dips at your desk without inviting undue attention of your colleagues. The beauty of office dips is that they can be practiced anywhere, even in the cubicle. All you need is either a sturdy desk or a non-rolling chair. Whether it is desk or chair, sit straight at the edge, while both hands firmly gripping the edge of the chosen furniture. With your feet are touching the floor and at around 2 steps away from the chosen furniture, try to lift up your body. Around 5-7 repetitions will be more than enough. These office dips are also known as triceps dips.

Just add these superb and effective desk exercises to the calendar and enjoy a healthy living.

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