10 Things That Can Give You A Longer Life

We all know that life is unpredictable. But now a days the lifestyle have taken a sudden shift due to which many young deaths are happening. There may be certain reasons to it that are controllable. Here are the 10 methods which can give you longevity:

Stop being a couch potato:

Say goodbye to your habit of sitting idle and doing nothing. During this time when you tend to over relax your mind, it stops working towards some productive action. Due to this the mind activity stops and the tendency to think and adopt something new vanishes. When your cells stops growing naturally you heed towards death. Therefore make yourself busy in some activity and keep your mind active for a productive purpose every time.

Health tips to quit smokingQuit smoking:

Smoking contains nicotine which as noted down by various physicians gets accumulated in the lung. This accumulation of dangerous products can make you expose to various disastrous diseases such as lung cancer etc. But if you quit smoking your blood pressure and blood circulation will improve and you will be gifted by longevity. It is very important that the level of blood circulation is regulated for the health of heart.

Stop skipping a sound sleep:

Sleeping is such a wonderful time that rejuvenates all your cells and refreshes your tired mind. It is very important to have a sound sleep. Skipping the sound sleep can have harmful effects. We usually tend to take a nap to recollect all the lost energy. Nap is good but it should not be replaced with a sound sleep. As prescribed by doctors 7-8 hours sleep is very important for growth of body. Sleep has its own cycle which needs time to be completed. Therefore avoid late night parties and functions and make a proper routine to have a comfortable and restructuring sleep.

stay calmStop stressing:

Stressing is something which burdens your mind for the reason crafted by you. Stressing can lead to weight loss as well as stops the formation of blood. This can be really hazardous to the neuron cells. Stressing can also lead to state of depressions. Therefore if you love your life take your mind to the places that your mind finds joyous. Stay away from all those things that can lead to stressing and pondering unnecessarily. If you will keep your mind cool and happy you will be rewarded with longevity.

Stop being a loner:

The world is a social place and that is why it is called a society. Every time you are surrounded by people; at workplace, eatery outlets, your place of residence etc.  You should learn to be a part of it. Staying alone and introvert can damage your inner self. If your mind is bitten by some thought or happening then you should share it. Make friends and you will feel the beginning of new chapter in your life. Be a part of social networking websites. Emotional support works in the direction of longevity. Along with being physically fit it is very important to be emotionally healthy. Nervous breakdowns can lead to sudden deaths. So cure yourself from the disease of being alone.

Stop boozing:

Just like smoking, drinking is also against your life. This rusted grape syrup along with the flavors and preservatives can color your life black. Boozing can deregulate the blood circulation levels and can give you diseases such as cholesterol. Thus, makes you fall prey to diabetes and high blood pressure. These dangerous diseases increase the chances of getting a sudden heart attack due to no blood circulation to heart. So it is high time to give vodkas, whiskeys, rum and such products a break. This will also save you from road mishaps and accidents.

health tips to solve relationshipStop grudging against anyone:

It is very important to play life as a cool game. Brain is said to have a high ignition capacity which means that the more you will ignite it the more it will burn. This burning of your neuron cells can have opposite effects on the natural repairing. Your cells will stop flourishing and you will start losing your memory power. Grudging against anyone give you anxiety and anger which ultimately leads to stress which releases a stress hormone called cortisol. So forgive others and march ahead. It will give you mental peace and you will be blessed with a longer life.

Stop intake of processed foods:

The canned and processed foods are loaded with preservatives which are ultimately a storehouse of diseases. They give you the inner pains and diseases which prove harmful in long run. One of such is obesity. The fat foods made out of inedible oils can damage your digestion system. It can affect your liver and kidneys badly. This will lead to untimely deaths. So add fresh foods in your diet.

Stop living life with regrets:

You have been gifted with priceless life. Out of circumstances we fail to judge the importance of what we have. This thinking leads to regrets. Some start regretting their genes for no cause and some their lifestyle, some their job. The consequences of all of these are the same and that is unacceptability. The solution of this is that you spare some time for nature. Develop a habit of saying golden words like please, sorry and thank you wherever necessary. Stop regretting and live each day as if it is the last day of life. Keep it full of energy and enthusiasm.

Stop trying to compete against everyone else:

In the race of competing against others we generally forget that we are unique. Don’t pressurize your mind thinking what others have achieved. Create and Beat your own records everyday. Always remember that battle of success is between you and yourself. Believe that you are an achiever and give a long life to yourself.

The ultimate conclusion is that you are always in control of your health which can give you more years to live. So value this beautiful life of yours and delay the Pearly Gates of Heaven. More Top 10 Health Tips For you.

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