10 Important Ways to Build Trust in your Relationship

Trust is required in every relationship, whether it’s friendship, a business partnership and more so in a romantic relationship. Your partner should be your confidante, your mate, your partner in every sense of the word. Time and situations sometimes tear couples apart due to mistrust. It’s a very fragile thing… hard to earn and easy to ruin.

To build trust in your relationship, you have to constantly prove that you are trustworthy. It’s not something that can be given without reason – it is earned. Over time, because of your actions, your partner learns to trust you – or not.

Here are some important ways to build trust in your relationship:

  • build trust in your relationshipBe Open and Let Your Partner Inside Your Head 

One of the reasons we mistrust people is we don’t understand the reason for their actions – so we doubt their intentions. Couples need to be comfortable in telling their partners what they and how they feel about topics and situations. It’s not always easy opening up to another person, especially at the beginning of a relationship… but you have to take the risk. This is one way to start building trust. If you open up and it’s used against you, then you know the kind of relationship you have. Truly great couples know each other very well and they guard each other’s secrets.

  • build trust in your relationship tipsDon’t be a Compulsive Liar

If you’re always lying about every little thing, even if there’s no reason to, it will be very hard for your partner to trust you and everything that comes out of your mouth. Some lies are necessary to protect feelings, but if it has become a habit, don’t wonder why you’ve lost credibility.

  • Take Responsibility for your Actions

f you made a mistake, own up to it and apologize. This is one of the things people find hard to do. Taking responsibility for your own errors lifts you in the eyes of your partner. But if it’s pretty obvious that something was your fault and you don’t admit it and worse you put the blame on someone else, your partner will remember and your integrity takes a hit.

  • Don’t Ever Betray

Betrayal has many faces. If you’re not conscious about your actions, it can be very easy to do. You can betray a secret, betray a confidence, betray a promise… it’s easy to betray someone. For someone who’s been betrayed, trust is very hard to regain. So if you really love someone and you value your relationship, watch that you never do anything to betray your partner. Don’t share their secrets with other people. Don’t have affairs. Don’t flirt around. Don’t intentionally do things you know they won’t like. Know what’s expected of you in a relationship. It has its benefits, but it has requirements too. It’s only fair, right?

  • 10 Important Ways to Build Trust in your RelationshipBe Reliable

Be there when your partner needs you. Always make good on your promise or don’t make them at all if you’re not sure you can keep it. Knowing you can rely on your partner help build security in a relationship. If you never deliver on anything, what’s the point of having you as a partner?

  • Mean What You Say and Say What You Mean

Couples should be confident that they can say what they really mean around each other. This is not a license to be hurtful and rude, though. Get your message across in a nice and conversational way. This is a great way of letting your partner get to know you. What are your values and limitations? Let your partner know what they are and ask what theirs are. This gives both of you a guideline on what you should avoid doing to antagonize the other. It also lets both of you see if you have the same values and therefore establish the right expectations.

  • Have Faith in your Partner

Faith is given even without proof, unlike trust. You love your partner because they have certain qualities that you admired, give them a chance to prove their worth. Have faith that they will do the right thing for your relationship… and for you. If you don’t have faith in your partner, trust will never follow.

  • Everything is Need to Know

If there’s one person in the world with a “Need to Know” privilege, it’s your partner. They should be the first to know. Most people keep secrets and lie because they think their partner will get angry when they’re told. Well, they’ll get even angrier when they find out from somebody else.

  • Important Ways to Build Trust in your RelationshipAlways Assure Your Partner of their Place in your Life

As we grow in a relationship, many things can happen. You can have a new job, new interests and new friends – it’s all part of the growing up process. Through any change, you must always assure their partner of where they stand or better yet, keep them involved. Don’t make them feel left out because this is the start of mistrust. A little assurance can go a long way. You want your partner to look at the changes as a positive thing and not as something that can ruin the relationship.

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Share your Weaknesses

If you open yourself up to a person, they feel closer to you. They start empathizing with you as a human being. Sharing your fears and weakness with your partner shows them that you don’t think you’re perfect – and they will lose their fear of you knowing about their weaknesses too. The ability to share your deepest fears and flaws with another person and knowing that you won’t be judged is the strongest foundation of a happy and healthy relationship.

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