10 Myths Which Degrade Fats

After hearing the word fat we only figure in our mind. But it may be a virtual figure as fats are not only the weight booster but it possesses a lot of ingredients which are very necessary for our body and overall development. Here are presented ten myths about fats. Read on to check which myth has surrounded you.

myths about saturated fatsFat Vs Cholesterol:

It is termed as the most accepted myth that Fat has a direct connection with cholesterol and consuming fats will increase your cholesterol levels. In reality there is nothing as such. It is highly believed and tested by doctors that fats do not play a direct role in cholesterol. A person develops cholesterol when there is blockage in some area of heart. These blockages can be opened by consuming green vegetables and a balance of healthy proteins, fats, nutrients etc. so fat is must in your diet.

Low Fat things are better:

In simple words if we describe then things with low fat is nothing but compressed form of normal fats. But in real nobody try to wonder that how fats can be compressed. Fats are lowered by artificial means. People always confuse low fat with saturated fat. There are myths about saturated fats that they are not so good for health just like fruits are better than fruit juices. Therefore it is advised to consume fats. You can cut off the quantum but not the quality. Avoid the things that are termed as low in fat as they are an invitation to many diseases.

top 10 health tips about fatsGet fat by Eating fat:

You do not get fat by eating foods that contain fats. Fat is not the sole contributor in making you gain weight. Gaining of weight has different reasons and mechanisms. It is when the food containing sugar does not get space to get digested. These sugars then get accumulated and is not dissolved which is converted as a fat in the body. The mechanisms involved in this are those which involve less physical exercise and more eating. Therefore even eating free from fat products can make you gain weight if you are avoiding any sort of physical exercise.

Fat is a Certain No-No:

Fat is required by our body. Not only fat gives energy to your body and body structure, it also helps in development of hormones which are directly or indirectly connected with nerves and brain. If you will try to completely eliminate fats from your system then you may suffer from undernourishment of your nervous cells. This will lead to failure in coordination of brain activities and will also make you lose your power to analyze and think.

Processed & vegetable oils are Healthy:

It is a common perception that processed and vegetable oils are healthy and good for health. But the truth is just the opposite. Processed oils contain Omega 6 which is not termed healthy for heart. Moreover because it is processed it contains lot of such materials which leads to accumulation of fats in the body. So always try to buy things made from natural oils and not from the processed ones.

top 10 health tips myths about fatsMargarine dominates butter:

Most diet charts as well as pro-claimers of supplying fat free products claim that margarine contains fewer fats as compared to butter and therefore is well recommended. But the reality is that margarine contains Trans-fats. Trans is a word derived from chemicals and therefore it is termed as another form of artificial fats. These are hard on blood vessels and digestion process. They also cause insulin resistance and inflammation. So next time consume less butter but not excessive margarine.

Fat is not healthy:

Many people believe that fat is not healthy. It is full of particles which can imbalance your immune system. But the things lie to the contrary. Fat is termed as one of the significant component in developing the overall structure of a human being. Instead of understanding that Fat is healthy, people believe that fat is ‘Healthy’, I.e., it has a tendency to make you gain belly fat. The crux is that fat is healthy i.e., good for your health and should be consumed.

Highly nutritious diets are fat free:

The biggest and the most observed myth is that foods which are full of nutrition are lacking fats. For instance a glass of fruit juice is full of fats. Also the sprouts and oat meals contain fats. So all in all everything contains fat as each meal preparer is well aware that fats are healthy and a must consuming nutrient. Since the nutritious diets also contain fats it is simply proven that fats are also nutritious.

ten myths about fatsFat turns into muscle on exercising:

It is believed that fats get converted into muscle when you work out. But it is not true. Fat can not disappear rather it can be shaped. Both fats and muscles are made up of different cells. Their tissue structure is entirely different from each other so it is not true that fat is converted into muscle.

High fats are dangerous:

Food containing high quantity of fats is very fulfilling and hard to overeat. They have a satiety power. Fats have more calories than carbohydrates but it is proved that foods containing fats are more helpful in losing weight. High fat foods also help in improving the HDL level of cholesterol, improves blood sugar and insulin levels. Therefore food with low fats should be avoided as they are only temporary diets. Instead foods with high fats give you satiety for long and thus avoid any sort of inter meals.

So bottom line is that fats are not the contributors to problems. Instead it is the solution to many such problems. The whole game lies in classifying the foods which should be consumed and which should be avoided. So come out of the world of myths relating to fats and try to review and analyze the all new side of fats.

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