10 Reasons Why Sex Is Great For Your Health

Sex as form of exercise is not the same as going to the gym and pumping weights or doing aerobics… it’s better – for several reasons that we’ll get into later. Our body has over 600 muscles and all of them are moving and contracting during love making. Some sexual positions use up more muscles than others but from foreplay to finish, you are getting a fabulous workout.

But aside from getting a pleasurable total body workout, sex has other health benefits. Here are the 10 reasons why sex is great for your health:

  • healthy lovemakingIt Helps Prevent Chronic Stress

It’s the surest way to relax from your head to your toes. Stress can constrict your blood vessels causing diseases such as arteriosclerosis, heart disease and high blood pressure. Having regular sex helps you unwind and de-stress and avoid contracting these diseases.

Did you know that the semen contains quite a number of mood-elevating chemicals such as serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin and prolactin? It’s great for preventing depression. These hormones whether absorbed by your body through the vaginal walls or elsewhere, can keep you feeling happy and counter the symptoms of depression.

  • It Lowers Blood Pressure

Just like aerobic exercises, lovemaking can lower your blood pressure – especially in women. When a woman orgasms, her body is stimulated to release the hormone oxytocin which directly affects blood pressure. What a great way to prevent and cure hypertension, right?

  • It Keeps You Emotionally Healthy

    When part of a supportive relationship, regular sex is good for a person’s emotional health. It reduces anxiety, stress, and anger and makes a person feel more fulfilled and attractive. If you see someone who’s very grouchy and confrontative, maybe they’re not getting enough. Sex with a trusted partner can make a person feel wanted and secure – and therefore calmer. It’s all about the feel good hormones that the body releases during and after sex.

  • 10 Reasons Why Sex Is Great For Your HealthIt’s Good For Your Skin

    Sweating during sex cleanses the pores and makes your skin look brighter. Do you notice that a person who just had satisfying sex is practically glowing? It could be caused by increased blood circulation which brings more oxygen to the skin during lovemaking – causing the after-sex glow. Sex is also known to boost the production of collagen which can help delay age spots and wrinkles.

  • It Relieves Pain

    Sex is 10 times more effective than the regular painkiller in reducing pain. The hormones released during sex are the best analgesic for different kinds of pain – from menstrual cramps to migraines. They really should bottle it up and sell it! Higher levels of endorphins are released during sex and this induces calm throughout the body by relaxing blood vessels and inducing a euphoric state.

  • It Makes You Lose Weight

    As mentioned, a good session of lovemaking is just as effective as an aerobic exercise in making you lose weight. It’s the best way to burn the excess fats in your body and definitely the most enjoyable! One quickie can burn as much as 200 calories – equivalent to 15 minutes on the boring treadmill.

  • It Strengthens Your Immune System

    A study showed that people who have sex once or twice a week produced more of the antibody Immunoglobulin A. A stronger immune system will protect you from colds and flu and other more serious diseases.

  • sleepingIt Induces Deep Sleep

    I’m sure that you noticed your partner dozing off after a bout of great sex. It’s tiring and makes the body relax totally – including our brain. People who have problems sleeping should have sex and get a good night’s sleep.

  • It Prevents Prostate Cancer in Men

    Studies show that men who ejaculate more frequently , 13 to 20 times monthly- had a 14% lower chance of getting prostate cancer. Those who ejaculated 21 times and more had a 33% decreased risk.

Isn’t this great news? Now you have more reasons to get into bed and indulge in some frisky activities. Sex, as it turns out, has many health benefits that should be taken advantage of for a healthy mind and body.

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