10 rules to be a winner on your first date

top 10 healthy relationship tipsDating experiences are quite subjective; for some it is fun, pleasure, adventure and thrill while for some it is a serious and nerve-wrecking pursuit! Whatever be your case it is always worthwhile to be thorough with the rules of dating so that you emerge as winner. It is all the more important when it is your “first date”. To be a topper in this exam you need expert guidance, my dear friends.

Now, to your huge relief (!) we are providing you the top 10 tips for successful date that will help you to overcome the pressure of being with the person you like and pave way for positive response from your date –

1. Selecting perfect location is one of the foremost dating rules

You should not select location that is not accessible to your date or required more time to reach on the destination. Time is very important factor in people’s life so only select places that are very close or at least are not far from their residence. You should also confirm the reservations even that place is expected to be free in order to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

2. Top 10 healthy relationship tipsBe your best on your first date

You should leave no stone unturned in making sure that you look and behave your best. You should dress well and also smell good. Your physical attractiveness along with the apt behaviour can do wonders in melting the heart of your date. If you are a girl then there is should be no negligence on your part in terms of apt dress, hair style and make up. You need to be your perfect and same goes for the boys who should groom well for your first date. But remember not to overdo things as it might make you or your date uncomfortable.

3. Let your date decide the food that you eat –

When waiter comes up with the menu let your date decide about the food that you are going to have as this step shows your decency and thoughtfulness about people. You always have eaten the food that you like and now it is the time for you to taste something that you never tried before! You might get some surprises but it will make your date feel special.

4. top 10 healthy relationship tipsYou should be willing to pay the bills while dating with your lover

You should always be ready to pay the bills while dating as that shows your genuine interest and heightens your appeal as a potential partner. Hence, you should be willing to pay all the expenses but don’t force or ignore opinion of the person that you are dating because some people will feel insulted or ignored if you don’t ask for their opinion. Many people are self dependent and won’t appreciate you at all if you are paying their bill. If you are with this type of person then communicate and decide who is going to pay beforehand with your date.

5. Take initiatives in making friendly enquiries–

You should not make the situation awkward by waiting for your date to break the ice. You should in fact be proactive in doing so and making it comfortable for your date. You can ask friendly questions and discuss light topics. You can even venture into his/her hobbies or passion and if you cord clicks right you two will have fabulous time and can look forward to follow up your date for sure.

6. Confident and decisive about the topics –

You should be aware about the person you are going to be dating as that will help you to choose topics that are comfortable with both of you. Most of the people choose wrong topics that other people won’t appreciate and that will press the self destruction button and destroy their evening. In case that you have decided the topics that you are going to talk and your date is feeling uncomfortable with that topic then change it quickly as that will show your attentiveness and intelligence. You should also avoid the topics that are heavy for your date such topics that are related with her/his past life and relationship experiences can makes him/her uncomfortable on first date.

7. healthy relationship tipsMaintain boundaries and limits mutually –

You should create certain boundaries between you and your date and never try to cross your line in any situation. Similarly if your date is trying to extend his/her limits than you should remind them about your views on the first go. This factor will maintain interest of your date in you and you can win his/her confidence.

8. Showering compliments is one of the best tips for successful date –

Be generous with your praises as everyone like appreciation. You should always compliment your date but make sure it should be genuine and also, make good choice of words. You can save a lot of your grace by weighing your word before you let them out.

9. Leave everything behind and be there with your date –

You should be mentally and physically present there with your date. As humans, we all have priorities, pressing schedules but you should leave all this behind and never give impression that you are bothered with something. Always be active with your date and try to understand give your undivided attention. Negligence on this front might cause permanent damage to your chances of dating the same person again. So, be prepared and focused!

10. Wish your date well –

When your dating time is over and you are leaving your date, always wish good night or good day to him or her as that shows that you are interested in meeting that person again. People make mistake of not wishing their date and that reduces the chances of dating with the same person again. This is very important fact that you should always keep in your mind that is to wish your date after completion of date because it shows that you really liked his/her company very much. Your genuine interest will help you in winning lot many dates!

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