10 Things You Shouldn’t Do After Gaining Extra Pounds

top 10 health tipsLosing weight and staying in shape is most definitely the ultimate dream of every individual, after all there isn’t a better possession than having a fabulous and lean body. But unfortunately, there are times when despite of following strict diet and exercise regime, an individual starts gaining body weight which makes him/her nothing but agitated and frustrated. Friends, now-a-days you’ll come across hundreds of articles that’ll suggest you to do ‘n’ number of things after you’ve gained weight but none of them actually bothers to explain the things not to do after gaining weight.

Breaking through the traditional shackles of weight gain mitigating techniques, today we bring to you the top 10 things that you should never do after you’ve gained weight. These techniques would help you to overcome agitation towards your sudden weight gain and would help you maintain your self-esteem in the times of distress but would also help you considerably in losing those extra pounds successfully.

  • Stop blaming yourself

Before taking up a new fitness regime, you need to stop playing the so called ‘blame games’ with yourself. Accepting your weight gain is one thing and continuously blaming yourself for being lethargic all this time is another, so stop getting furious about what happened and practice self-compassion. Remind yourself that you love your body no matter how lean or bulky it is and you are going to leave no stone unturned to achieve your dream weight.

  • healthy tips Maintain a safe distance from the weighing machine

Seeing your body weight on the scales regularly is going to do you more harm than good, so take our suggestion and maintain a safe distance from the weighing machine at least for some time. Seeing those extra gained pounds on the scales is only going to wreck your self-confidence further, so remember this must do things not to do after weight gain and stop weighing yourself unnecessarily.

  • Don’t expect over-night miracles

If you actually start contemplating your weight today, you’ll come across an astonishing fact that it was tough gaining weight and you need to understand the fact that losing the same would require the same toughness and patience on your part. So, exercise that patience and toughness while on a weight losing spree as well. Don’t expect over night miracles because such expectations would only lessen your high spirits.

  • Say no to crash dieting

Crash dieting or generally saying fad diets are considered ideal for reducing extra pounds quickly but most of the people tend to ignore the very fact that the weight lost via fad diets tends to re-surface once you leave such strict and superfluous diets. So, no matter how life threatening your weight gain seems to you at the very moment don’t just surrender yourself to any uncanny or ridiculous crash diets.

  • top 10 health tipsSkipping meals is uncalled for

When talking about the most effective way of losing weight, one certainly can’t ignore the role that healthy food habits play in achieving the same. There isn’t an iota of doubt that weight loss is attained 30% through exercise and 70% through food habits but skipping your vital meals for reducing those extra pounds is completely uncalled for. One must take note of the fact that our body needs energy which is wholly and solely derived from food and skipping the same would not just lower your energy levels but would also slow down your metabolism that might trigger added weight issues.

  • Surrender to your weakness

A number of people who have gained extra pounds tend to practice minimal eating habit in general but tend to get weak while encountering their favorite foods. Yes, each one of us have our favorite foods- something that is our weakness but splurging on your weakness unnecessarily is only going to do you more harm. Instead of surrendering to your gastronomical weakness, device new ways of staying away from the same.

  • Splurge on alcohol

A number of people feel that splurging on their favorite alcohol is completely guilt free and thus include this very item in every little meal they have while going for weight loss therapy. People, alcohol is not guilt-free, in fact a lot of dieticians and weight loss experts feel that a person aiming for considerable weight loss should view alcohol as a carb and avoid having it at all costs for best results.

  • top 10 health tipsOver exercise

No doubt, exercise is a great way of reducing those extra pounds but what one should definitely avoid doing in this vulnerable stage of sudden weight gain is over-indulgence in physical activities. One should always keep in mind that any exercise, no matter how effective it is, is bound to take time before showing sufficient results and thus one must plan his/her exercise regime realistically.

  • Avoid lifting weights

Women in particular have a misconception that lifting weights and doing strenuous exercises on weight machines would bulk them up unnecessarily and would play a spoilt-sport in their sudden weight loss regime. Ladies, first of all weight training would not add any bulk or extra weight to your body and would just make you fit instead, so please don’t avoid them at any cost. You need to understand the fact that your body is not made in the same way as men and you won’t bulk up just by lifting few weights as such, so pay equal attention to weight training just like cardio and other activities if you want to lose those extra pounds.

  • healthy tipsDon’t try everything together

Ok, it was tough gaining weight but one of your friend suggested you to follow a certain crash diet that helps to lose 5 pounds every week and the other one asked you to follow some carb-free fad diet that is bound to give you quick results in few days and since you are so desperate to lose your extra weight, you started following everything together.

Friends, this is the most obvious mistake that people with weight issues tend to make in order to reduce weight quickly and fail miserably. You need to understand that your body needs some time to make adjustments to a new routine and introducing it to a number of things at once would just ruin it. So, slow down a little and follow realistic weight loss measures and that too just one at a time for obtaining best results.

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