10 Simple Things that Make Women Happy

Since the beginning of time, the secret to making a woman happy has been a mystery. Women have been viewed as unpredictable as the weather and hard to satisfy. It’s hard for men to be a knight in shining armor but really, even if their armor is rusted, there are many ways for men to keep their women happy. It’s not rocket science. A man who loves his woman will find ways.

Here are simple ideas to make your woman happy and thinking that she’s the luckiest woman alive for having you.

  • 10 Simple Things that Make Women HappyKeep Your Eyes on Her

    Stop ogling other women when she’s with you. Don’t you think that’s rude? Your woman needs to believe that you’re only interested in her and ogling other women in her accompany is not very reassuring. Men do not suddenly become blind just because they’re in a monogamous relationship, but it doesn’t mean that they can admire other women in such an obvious manner in the company of their partner. Make your woman feel like you only have eyes for her. You should anyway.

  • Send Her Small Gifts that Matter to Her

    It’s not the value of the gift that matters, but the thought that you put into it. Sending her a big bouquet of flowers when she doesn’t like flowers is not being thoughtful. Find out what she wants and give her gifts that she will enjoy. Does she like to read? Who is her favorite author? Send her the latest book. Does she love to cook? Give her a new apron or maybe a recipe book that she’ll love. Personalize your gifts.

  • Make Women HappyBe a Gentleman

    Most men have forgotten the old ways of being a gentleman. Opening doors for a woman, holding her elbows while you walk – these are small ways to make her feel important and pampered. Gallantry is not dead. Women are still very flattered when she is made to feel like a lady. Remember, women grew up watching fairy tales where Prince Charming slayed dragons for the princess. Well, there are no more dragons today but there are still other ways.

  • Hold Her in Public

    This doesn’t mean you should paw her in public. What I mean is the small protective gestures that tell her that you’re proud to tell the world that she’s yours. This is important especially when you introduce her to people for the first time. When you introduce her to your family or friends for the first time, it can make her feel like an outsider. Hold her hand; put your hand on her knee when you’re sitting down or behind her back when you’re standing up. This assures her of her place in your life.

  • Simple Things that Make Women HappyMake Her Laugh and Smile

    Don’t you love seeing your woman laughing, especially if you brought the laughter? Be funny around her without being an embarrassment. Know what makes her laugh and as often as you can, be the cause of her laughter. You of all people should know best what can make your woman smile.

  • Don’t Solve Her Problems Unless She Asks

    When a woman opens up to a man about something that concerns her, men think of it as a sign that a woman is asking him to solve the problem for her. Sometimes a woman just needs to talk and let it out. This is the way women talk to each other. Just sharing and unloading. Lend her your ear and ask if there’s something you can do to help. But don’t just jump in and start meddling.

  • Let Her Feel That She Has Power Over You

    A woman loves to think that her man is helpless against her, believe it or not. That she has him under her spell. Give her that assurance. Unless she’s an abusive woman, it’s only going to reap good things for you. A woman who is confident about her place in her man’s life, doesn’t become a nagging and jealous woman. Good times, right?!

  • Things that Make Women HappyBe Her Own Personal Gigolo

    There’s more to making a woman happy in bed than just doing it, you know. Ask her what makes her feel good and let her explore her own sexuality. Don’t make her feel that making love is just all about you. It’s not. It’s about her too. So, give her what she wants and you’ll have a woman who will be more than happy to give you what you want. Fair deal.

  • Massage Her Foot and Shoulders

    A foot and shoulder rub from a man is just one of the most erotic things, from a woman’s point of view. Try it and see. It helps them distress and relax and think of other more fun things to do. A woman who’s anxious and tired is really not in the mood for anything else. So, this little gesture will benefit you both.

  • 10 Simple Things that Make Women Happy health tipsServe Her Breakfast in Bed

    Surprise her when she wakes up by serving breakfast in bed. A woman loves a man who cooks breakfast, even if it’s just a simple omelette and toast! It’s a great way to start the day right… and an effective way to apologize if you did something annoying.


Women are not that hard to please, really. They just want to feel important to their man… like a princess. Even the most hardened and successful businesswoman is still yearning for a knight in shining armor who will protect her and love her and be there when she needs him.

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