10 Small Things That Make Men Happy

Men are such simple creatures really. It takes little to make them happy and feeling like they’re the king of the jungle. Women who want their relationships to work need to know how to keep their man satisfied and fulfilled within the relationship. This keeps them from straying and having to satisfy their emotional, physical and mental needs elsewhere.

Remember these 10 small relationship tips that make men happy and you’ll have a man who can’t wait to be with you.

  • 10 Small Things That Make Men HappyGive Him Space

    When a man asks a woman for space, a woman becomes concerned that he might be having an affair and seeing someone else. There are situations where that may be true, to tell you honestly. But what we are referring to here is a man’s desire to not be stifled by clinging women. You are not his Mother and it’s important that you respect his desire to do some things on his own without you getting angry. The more you put shackles on a man, the more he wants to be free. Just maintain the balance safely between loving and clinging.

  • Satisfy His Desires

    Unlike women who needs to create intimacy before they want sex, it takes very little for a man to want to get into the sack with his woman. Be his very own seductress. A woman who keeps her man sexually satisfied doesn’t have to worry that he might be interested in another woman. Maintain your attractiveness. Not just because you’ve been together a while means that you don’t need to pretty yourself up or wear sexy clothes and perfume. Keep him interested and thinking that you’re the most exciting woman in the world.

  • Confirm and Validate Him

    What does this mean – to confirm and validate a person? Sad to say, this is the easiest thing to do but women most often neglect it. Remember that your man looks to you for approval. He wants to hear from you that he’s being a good man and doing the right thing. If he’s not, it is your responsibility to correct him constructively – but watch how you criticize. More importantly, praise his good qualities every day without sounding psychotic or condescending. “You look very handsome in that shirt”, “That was a really nice thing you did”, “Thank you for taking care of me”, “You’re a good man”. These are just some of the things that you can say to validate him. They are positive words that reinforce the way he looks at himself.

  • Make Men HappyFeed Him

    “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” This statement has some truth in it. Coming home to a nice meal is something that a man looks forward to after a hard day at work. Serve him his favorite things and he will appreciate it.

  • Encourage His Ideas

    If you think your man is stupid then why are you with him? Don’t shoot down his ideas and instead encourage them and take time to join his brainstorming. If you don’t really agree with what he’s saying, hold your tongue. As the saying goes, If you have nothing nice to say, just shut up. Sometimes, silence is enough to convey your message.

  • Small Things That Make Men HappyDon’t Nag

    A nagging woman is a man’s nightmare. It’s so true that it has become a cliché. Some women just can’t stop criticizing and pushing and preaching! Have pity on your man. If there’s something he needs to be reminded of, the best way to do it is nicely. Again, you’re not his Mother. Talk to your man like a person and don’t preach or act like he’s your slave who is expected to do your every bidding. This demoralizes him as a man.

  • Be Nice to His Friends

    Men need other men to commune with and do men stuff. Some friends may be a bad influence to your man and you don’t like them, but you shouldn’t be rude. Trust that your man knows what he should and shouldn’t do. His friends can influence him all they want but if he’s a good man, then it shouldn’t affect him. Let your man be proud of you by being nice and accommodating to his friends. He loves it when they tell him what a lucky guy he is for having you.

  • Things That Make Men HappyGive him Massages

    This is a nice gesture when your partner comes home tired from work and he will appreciate it. It makes him feel that you appreciate his efforts and that you know he is making an effort. A little tender loving care can go a long way to improving your intimacy and trust.

  • Don’t be Vague

    Men are not mind-readers. They might love you and know you but they can’t know what you’re thinking unless you say it straight! Unlike women, men don’t analyze a woman’s every action and read the hidden message between a woman’s words to figure out what they want. The end result is a disappointed woman. It’s not really fair. If you want something or if you want to deliver a message, then by all means just say it!

  • 10 Small Things That Make Men Happy healthy tipsLet Him Have a Man Cave

    This is probably one of the best gifts you can give your man if you’re married or living together. A space where he can put all his man stuff and entertain his friends in – his very own man cave – which you can’t enter without his permission! I know that it’s hard for some women when there are areas in their man’s life that they can’t get into, but a man cave is just a small defeat for you and it will make him so happy. He can make noise, design it the way he wants without thinking if you like it and call it his own place. Ask any man if they want a man cave and see what they say. In the long run, you still win. Who wants to go spend time elsewhere when you have your very own cave at home? Think about it.

Men will always be little boys at heart no matter how old or successful they are. They need to be able to play with their stuff and they need to know you think they’re the best man in the world. They might not agree, but what a feeling it is to hear it from the woman they love.

Empower and respect your man through your small gestures and you will have a man who feels accomplished as a person. Don’t be a ballbreaker like other controlling women. You want your man to be as strong and mentally and emotionally healthy as he can be. You can help achieve that, make or break him through the everyday things you do and through the words you constantly say. Guard that power and keep your man happy.

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  1. Eeva October 25, 2014 at 1:47 pm - Reply

    Wonderful article and so true! These are realistic tips that women should know, especially #1. I find the Man Cave funny! Will he be cleaning his Man Cave? Cause i know what it would look like!


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