10 Unhealthy Foods You Must Avoid

In a world of fast-paced lifestyle, maintaining healthy food habits can seem as a difficult task for everyone. Eating healthy foods which should be one of the major priorities of our life, have become something that we just put into our bodies, without having much thought and care on what we eat.

Most of us are now ruled by a host of unhealthy eating habits which may lead to poor digestion and lack of nutrition problems. Many people with a busy lifestyle like to consume processed foods which have been promoted as healthy foods. In general, processed foods are just harmful junk foods which are low in nutrients while at the same time high in calories.

If you like to follow a healthy food and eating habit, you have to take control on your food choices. Here are some unhealthy foods that should never eat if you care about your health.

Health tips tell you 10 food you should avoid 1)   Processed meat products

Processed meat products are not a healthy food choice for anyone and it is good to avoid it completely in your daily diet. When cooked at high temperatures harmful compounds are created in these meats which may cause stomach and colon health issues.

Most processed meats are preserved using curing, smoking and salting methods and contain chemical preservatives as well. The meat products also contain higher amount of fat and cholesterol and have low nutrients.

2)   Canned foods

Many of us use canned food items including canned fruits and vegetables for convenience and we think they are absolutely fresh and good for our health. But canned foods are not a healthy choice of eating as they contain preservatives and other harmful elements. BPA (Bisphenol –A) is an industrial compound used to protect canned food from metal corrosion and bacteria.

BPA can cause health issues such as endocrine diseases and heart diseases. Canned food also carries high levels of sodium and you are at risk if you are on a low-salt diet due to any health issue. Sulfites are preservatives used in canned vegetables which may cause respiratory issues.

3)   Margarine

By having interest in low fat dieting, many people avoid healthful fats such as butter in their daily diet and they consume products such as margarine which is termed as a healthy alternative to butter. Though it is referred to as a cholesterol free product, margarine is a good source of trans-fats which can raise the cholesterol level in your body and damage blood vessels as well. You can simply skip this kind of fake product and go for natural olive oil as a part of good diet.

unhealthy eating habits4)   Soda

 Drinking soft drinks such as soda can result in bad effects to your body. These formulated drinks contain high fructose corn syrup and preservatives which can cause diabetic problems, immunity problems and cause tooth decay issue as well. Soda also contains high calorie sugar which may lead to obesity condition.

5)   Microwave popcorn

Microwave popcorn is generally being used as a quick and convenient, tasty snack. There are many chemicals coated on the lining of microwave popcorn bag and when heated these chemicals is added to popcorn. Chemicals such as PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) can create serious health issues such as thyroid disease, immune system problems and infertility issues. In addition microwave popcorn also contains diacetyl, a chemical flavoring which provide a buttery taste and the studies show that diacetyl can cause damage to lung functions.

6)   Cookies and Muffins and Crackers

Store bought muffins and cookies are favorites of people of all ages. These food items contain high levels of salt and sugar and trans-fat as well. High calories of unwanted sugar are added to your diet and these are not easy to digest. It is costlier to add healthy fats so most of the manufactures depends on trans-fat and adding such factors ensure more shelf life for the product. These duplicate healthy fats can adversely affect your health. You can look on the label of your favorite cookies, muffins or cakes to determine if they contain any trans-fat element.

7)   Deep fried foods

Deep fried foods are one of the favorite food items for many people. But the deep fried items can raise your bad cholesterol and these are of very low nutritional value.  In deep frying, the cooking is done at high temperature and it may cause the food to form some type of toxic compounds such as advanced glycation end products (AGEs).  AGEs can cause chronic inflammatory disease issues. Deep fried foods can also cause problems to your digestive system.

8)   Artificial sweeteners

We all like to buy different colored packets of artificial sweeteners as sugar substitutes. Though these sugar substitutes are low calorie or zero calorie, the studies show that these can create many health issues. Artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame and sucralose can lead to unhealthy cellular functions and also cause damage to kidneys and liver.

unhealthy foods that should never eat9)   Pre-made condiments

Many of us use tubes, bottles and single-serving packs of sauces, ketchups and salad dressings conveniently. These condiments offer longer shelf life as they contain preservatives and additives. During the processing stage, all the good fats, fiber and nutrients are destroyed and the chemicals added can cause serious health issues.

Salads are really nutritious and low in calorie and many of us consume salad as a part of dieting. But the salads can be unhealthy if we add pre-made cream-based salad dressings to them. Though salad dressings add more flavors to salads and make our meal more enjoyable, these creams contain high fat and calorie levels. So it is good to avoid such pre-made salad dressing to follow a healthy diet.

10)   Sugary breakfast cereals

 Popular breakfast cereals fortified with minerals and vitamins are an inevitable part of our daily diet. But these cereals contain high levels of sugar or high fructose corn syrup which is not good for a healthy diet. Some cereals have gluten content which can cause serious inflammation issues.

The best way to stay healthy and to live a healthy lifestyle is to follow a regular diet with fresh food items.

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