10 Ways To Get Into Shape Without A Gym

We all want to stay fit but undoubtedly are in habit of avoiding the tough workouts. So here are some of the mechanisms of getting fit without machines.

  1. Commute by walking or bicycling:

The best way to get rid of those extra kilos is to start commuting by any means which involves the movement of your body. You can depend upon cycling or can see your city with different preview by walking. This simple shifting of transporting means can make you notice tremendous change in your body weight. And also both these means are environment friendly. So along with shedding weight you can save money as well as can contribute for betterment of society.

  1. Be a volunteer:

In recent times your townships or your society may be engaged in organizing few cultural events. Also some social clubs and organizations work towards developing an open seminar. So stand up and look around to be a volunteer and offer your physical services in setting up their stage. This way you can serve a helping hand to those who require and can shape your body by engaging yourself regularly in such light works.

  1. health tips on getting fit without machinesShape your chores as a workout:

You have a routine of carrying out your house chores. You can very well transform them so that they can bring many health benefits. One way is to make the process of cleaning and mopping fast. Try to mop the floor by sitting and avoid the standing posture. In kitchen also try to keep some stock which you require regularly under the main shelf. This will make you bend down frequently and thus will help you in maintain your shape and size. Similar to this, you can choose many other mechanisms which you can practice well daily.

  1. Do not sit continuously:

avoid sitting in same posture continuously for 30 minutes. This is because if you will continue to sit continuously then the weight of whole body gets accumulated at same place leading to heaviness of body. So make it a habit to either stand and then sit again or take a short walking route in your office corridor. Also twirl your neck, wrists and fingers in between. This will lead to movement of your body parts which have a tendency to accumulate weight upon them. Also these organs are those which if stays in movement makes the other organs move along with them. For instance you not only move your neck but also the shoulders and the face.

  1. 10 Ways To Get Into Shape Without A GymTake a tour to hilly areas:

The main idea behind choosing hilly areas is to denote a place where there are less means of transport. In hilly areas usually people depend upon walking the ramps. This not only makes you enjoy the scenery around but also works as exercise. Also you can get a chance to hike and carry out tracking in such areas. So next time if you planning a vacation make a trip to any hilly area.

  1. Race the obstacles

    : Make your team and arrange a competition of racing. But choose the race track which is full of obstacles. Obstacles refer to the non-plain areas which are not smooth and symmetrical. Race up and between the stones and the rocks. This will serve as a best workout for your whole body. It will also make your feet stronger and will give you a perfect body shape. You can choose such way of obstacles even for jogging.

  1. Cultivate outdoor habits:

If you are having kids then try to make them acquainted with the outer environment instead of indoor games. Accompany them to park and walk. You can also make your pet accompany you.  So inculcate a habit of outer environment and make this a regular part of your routine. Even these simple and light physical involvements can bring a drastic change in your health.

  1. Develop a habit of taking deep breaths:

Breathing deep will help in removing all the dirty air inside you and will refresh you up. So try to make a habit of sitting in a relax mode and take a deep breath to inhale and then exhale afterwards. This only exercise is also practiced commonly in Yoga. The special thing about breathing deep is the time you inhale the air you try to stop your breath for a while. During this duration you stomach and the flabby part stays in and when you exhale it comes out. This is nothing but the exercise of your lower portion. It also purifies the blood by properly circulating oxygen.

  1. Get Into Shape Without A GymPractice Yoga:

Yoga is the well renowned and accepted method of losing weight. The exercises in yoga are calm and composed. You need not run the whole track or carry a burden of heavy equipments onto your shoulders. You can simply practice these exercises at your place. They involve movement of your muscles and those flabby areas in such a way which can make it easy for you to shed weight. Also this can be practiced at a long stretch.

10. Make stairs your best friend:

Want to go to an upper floor? Don’t press but move. This means that if you want to go any floor up then instead of pressing the button of lift top come down you move up by stairs. Stairs is a very well routine to lose weight and maintain the figure. Stairs involves movement of your legs which also makes your muscles move. The muscles stretch as well as contract when you take the next step. This way practicing and using stairs regularly can make you see difference in yourself.

So try these simple and worthy of regular practicing methods. This will save your bucks and can give you what you desire. The best part about these points is you can practice them as long as you wish. Unlike gyms you don’t have a membership here. You are the instructor of yourself. So be regular and see how regularity will reward you. Also take a look at our other Top 10 Health Tips articles.

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