Top 12 ‘Outrageously’ effective ways to savour “creative spaces” in your life!

Are you somebody who are continuously demanding or wishing some time out from your busy schedule?

Do you think that your life forces are depleting because of the mess in your life?

If the answer to these questions is “yes” then certainly you need to be aware of the repercussion of such a stressful and overwhelming life. You will be soon exhausted with the pressing and demanding humdrum of life and can face serious psychological and physical problems.

It is therefore high time to seek out the ways through which you can have more space in your life in order to rejuvenate your spirits and boost your energy level.

Here are the 12 ways to do so:

1.     Eliminate “useless” clutter from your life:

There are very few people in this world who understand the value of eliminating the useless stuff from their life. We are so much engrossed in getting more, accomplishing more and gaining more profits that we tend to overlook the magic of “less”. Yes, we need to open our eyes to less pressure, less stress, less clutter, less anxiety and so on! Indeed this list is endless. Therefore, it is very important that if you are seeking to have ample space in your life to enjoy your favourite activities or pursuing pleasures or anything that your heart dictates; then you definitely need to learn how to “subtract” the useless and the unimportant from your life. This will help you avoid any negative cluttering of pending work, unresolved emotional issues or even procrastination. You will be able to enjoy those activities that give you pleasure and happiness.

2.     Simplifying the “so-called-big-matters”:

Yes, our big chunk of time and energy is taken away by the big matters of our life. We need to first of all analyse the worth of the tasks that take most of our resources and mental energies. You can always ask yourself if they are really worth that much of investments in terms of time and energy. If the answer comes “no” then you can eliminate it all together; but more than often, we need to learn how we can make that big task simpler or easier so that it drains less of our energy. This saving of our energies both metal and physical, facilitates in creating beautiful space in our life as we fret less over our urgent and important work and issues. Hence, it is time you embrace ‘simplicity’ in your endeavours.

3.     Prioritizing your life:

Prioritising the different aspects of your life is very important. If you have clarity in this regard, you can easily take time out of your busy schedule to your favourite activity or your passions. You can always choose between the different alternatives that life present to you and prioritise according to your likings. You surely need to take away your attention from less important matters and always focus on the things that means the ‘most’ to you. Then you can always find time, energy and space for your most preferred endeavours.

Be positive in your life4.     Maintain positive perspective:

Simplifying our life and pursuing happiness is always a journey. So is creating space in our life! If you have positive outlook towards life, you will surely be able to know the tricks of attaining creative spaces in your life that will enrich and facilitate your potential through and through. Hence, always stay optimistic!

5.     Time management:

Time management can be your key to unlock the secret of missing spaces in your life. You might be very good at knowing the worth of things but it is also important that you always value the time. Giving sufficient time to each activity and sticking to it can help you increasing more space in your life, inevitably.

6.     Avoid multi-tasking:

Some people may presume that multi-tasking can help them accomplish more work in less time; but here, you may be gravely mistaken! In many cases multi tasking is in fact the root cause of many complications and cluttering in our professional and personal life. Hence, if you want to enjoy better spaces in your life then you should concentrate at one task at one time.

7.     Improving your organizational skills:

You should always strive to improve your organizational skills. This may include keeping everything at its right place, delegating work, taking responsibility, being punctual etc. As you incorporate these skills in your life, you will find that you will start managing your life in a better way and will be able to seek more time and space out of your daily routines. It also increases our effectiveness and efficiency.

8.     Always focus on your main purpose and goals:

It is very crucial to be always aware of your main goals. It will give you clarity and direction in life when things get messy or over-whelming. This helps you clear the rut and pave way for focused actions in life. Once you know what you ‘truly’ want in life and stick to that, you will always be able to make efforts to create more space for that objective in your life.

9.     Learn to say “no” to unimportant things:

If you want to succeed and enjoy better space in life then you need to learn the art of saying ‘no’ to futile tasks, unnecessary demands of life as well as of people.

health tips to create spaces10. Handle social obligations properly:

Indubitably, our social connections tend to take lot of our life spaces. You need to wake up to this fact and start making amendments so that you can create some extra space from this arena as well.

11. Stay connected with your thoughts and feelings:

Keeping the track of our true feelings and thoughts can also give insight into our limitations and need for more space. More connected we are to ourselves; more are the chances that we will be able to create spaces for our most cherished desires.

12. Keep experimenting and remain open to “new ideas”:

Of course, you need to stay open to creative ideas that can help you in achieving your creative spaces in your life. Never, underestimate the power of taking the plunge into novelty to make a new way towards better and purposeful life!

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