15 Reasons – Why You feel fatigued

Your body is your asset. You have pretty employed it in all your works. But due to your habits or your routine you are playing bad on your health. Staying tired whole day can be due to various reasons and some of them are listed below:

sleeping 15 Reasons - Why You feel fatiguedReason No.1. Sleep Apnea:

Being deprived of sleep is the major cause of fatigued. Sleep cycle has 6 stages. While going through these stages the brain generates lot of new cells and repairs the old ones. That is why sleep plays very important role in giving you a comfortable day.

Reason No.2. Unhealthy Food:

If you make unhealthy food a part of your diet you will definitely not get energy and satiety even after consuming quantum of food. This is because that our body desires some nutrients which are very necessary for refreshing us. Therefore make healthy food which is rich in nutrients namely proteins, minerals and vitamins to build the structure of your body as well as to strengthen the bones.

ways to fight fatigueReason No.3. Staying Dehydrated:

Less consumption of water particularly during summers can drain your energy. Since our body sweats every minute we need to maintain the water balance of our body. Keeping yourself hydrated all the time is very necessary. Water not only steps up the hydration but is also helpful in circulation of blood and extracting all the waste and dead cells out of your body. Even in winters though your body sweats less yet you should be in habit of consuming quantum of water in a day.

Reason No.4. Not Working Out:

Skipping your daily routine of exercise is also one of the reasons. Exercising open all the pores of the body and widens the bones quite well. This improves the level of blood circulation in our body and keeps us fresh all the day. So next time don’t give up exercise for your sleep as half an hour sleep is not as much beneficial as the workout carried out at that time.

Reason No.5. Lack Of Iron:

Iron is said to be the provider of the energy to overcome the weakness and tiredness in the body. Iron gets mixed with blood to supply oxygen properly to all the body tissues. Green leafy vegetables, bananas and black grams are rich source of iron.

10 detox tips 15 Reasons - Why You feel fatiguedReason No.6. Stressing:

The major burden on your mind can keep you exhausted. If you are stressing and pondering too much on the issue it consumes the extra energy of your body.  Due to this you feel tired after a long thought on some issue and your mind becomes hungry asking for some food which if you fail to supply you get a feeling of tiredness.

Reason No.7. Heart Disease:

Staying tired all the time can be a symptom of heart disease. When the blood that could not be reached to the heart, the body feels tired. Blood circulation is very important to keep the heart healthy.

Reason No.8. Lack Of Vitamin B12:

Vitamin B12 is the component that your body produces to keep you fresh and energetic. But due to bad dietary habits and physical posture the mechanism of its natural phenomenon fails and results into tiredness.

Body Building -Why You feel fatiguedReason No.9. Too Much Exercise:

Too much exercising can consume more energy out of your body. It makes you sweat more and stretches the muscle excessively. Therefore it is always advised to increase the speed of exercising gradually. Sudden shift in level of exercising can make you exhausted for the whole day.

Reason No.10. Urinary Infection:

Infection in urine can also make you exhausted. Since the urine is the extraction of all the bad cells of your body, any infection in it can be harmful to your health. If you feel any kind of sensation you need to consult the doctor immediately.

stay calmReason No.11. Anxieties:

Falling prey to unnecessary anxieties can burden your mind. Having a thought of being fired from the office or being effected by some movie or incident can tire you. These things directly pressurize the mind due to which the blood circulation increases or decreases and so the factor of exhaustion in the body.

Reason No.12. Skipping Breakfast:

Breakfast is the very important meal of the day. This is because the interval of its consumption is longer than the other meals. There is usually a gap 4-5 hours in other meals but breakfast in consumed after around 8-9 hours of your supper. During this time your body passes through many cycles consuming all the energy you gained in the past day. Therefore skipping the breakfast can make you feel tired.

Reason No.13. Messy Surroundings:

Surroundings are very necessary to boost your energy levels. Clean surroundings leave a positive vibes and make you feel fresh and exotic. The dirty and bad environment can tense you as well as leave a negative impression. Therefore always try to maintain a clean environment around you that is full of fragrance and green surroundings embracing the nature.

Reason No.14. Checking E-Mails At bedtime:

The techie devices should not be used while you are in sleep mode. It is always said that you should sleep while keeping all such devices at a distance. These devices are on all the time and that is why they leave the radiations. These radiations affect your mind adversely and can not give you a healing sleep. Therefore you should avoid the use of your laptops, tabs and phones to check e-mails before you fall asleep.

Reason No.15. Consuming Caffeine:

Depending on caffeine and tea supplements in the day can make you feel tired. You may be surprised but the excess consumption of any of these can make you dependable on them. Due to this you develop a habit of consuming them at defined intervals. But the quantum of consumption should be low to prevent yourself from such happening.

After the whole tiring day your mind needs to relax and calm down. During this tenure you should work in favor of your mind as mind works for you the whole day. So keep a check on your habits so that you prove successful in giving yourself a gift of refreshment.

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