5 Magnificent Steps to Get 10 Years Younger Looking Skin

Aging is a bitter truth that everyone has been trying to avoid trying hard means, focusing on diet, cosmetic treatments and much more. Attaining the age of 40 is something that really makes the life miserable as the situation completely changes and the glowing youth that was so easy to maintain earlier is suddenly become even more difficult to manage. Whether you are a woman or a man the speed of aging suddenly starts triggering with greater pace, leaving you in great distress. If you are experiencing several issues with over aging, then below mentioned are some serious facts that will help you to get a proper idea of how the situation changes as you start aging.

Photo Credit: Wexler's World, Inc.

Photo Credit: Wexler’s World, Inc.

According to the researches on aging issues, the body tends to age at least 6 months more for every single year in the event of improper diet habits and lack on essential nutrition ingredients. Hence, if your diet is lacking nutritional values, then in the next 4 years you will look 6 years older. That is, you will look much older than your actual age at any specific moment.

Accurate body weight and perfect maintenance can be a serious challenge after attaining the age of 35 when an attempt to workout for fat loss will lead to a gradual loss of muscle tissues in the body. Hence, if you are relying on your scheduled exercises to maintain a perfect body statistics and toned muscles then think again. Eating the same amount of proper balanced diet that was earlier helpful will now lead to more fat accumulation in the body.

The aim of explaining the above facts is not at all aimed to dishearten the readers, no way. Instead the main goal is to raise the awareness of certain wrong practices that you have been following till now trying hard means to exercise a lot, spending plenty of money and time on cosmetic surgeries and treatment to deal with the aging issues. Over the years the anti aging experts have been working with several alternatives to stop the formation of free radicals in the body and retard the aging process. Free radicals formation in the body results in cell damage which is the root cause of aging. Now it is possible to reverse the aging process and achieve a ten years younger looking skin. Hence, if your age is 45 you will look 35 and so on.

If you are too tired with all these hassles leading the efforts, in vain, here are five essential steps that are of extreme help and providing the ultimate results in you looking younger up to 10 years or even more initiatives.

1. Avoid Low-Fat Diet: The most common illusion people have in their minds when it comes to their diet concerns is to avoid high calorie food or fat rich food. Taking a low fat diet over a continuous period of time can lead to sugar cravings in the body urging you to take a carb rich diet. There is a common misconception about the fat sources in the food substances that they are stored in the cells that lead to weight gain. There are certain other aspects and necessities to fat contents present in your daily diet.

Fat from food items are rich source of energy that also activates the hormones in the body. For instance, the hormones like Testosterone which provides great strength to the body develop from the fat and cholesterol sources in the food. In fact the body requires the daily supply of cholesterol to produce and regulate a good many important hormones that perform essential functions for maintaining a healthy life.

The body can experience serious consequences in the event of eating low fat diet. Inappropriate hormone production in the body can lead to weakness, lack of enthusiasm in daily activities, frequent sickness and other problems. So enjoy your food and add the required amount of fat in the daily servings.

Photo Credit: Shannon Miller

Photo Credit: Shannon Miller

2. Stop Endurance Training: Endurance training such as long hours of workouts and running several miles on the treadmill are taken up by several exercising enthusiasts all over the world. Many people consider cardiovascular conditioning to be an essential part of their fitness regime and simply cannot do without hitting at the gym for long hours. It has already been revealed that exercising for too long, especially with the treadmills, standing cycles and other strenuous gym equipments can speed up the aging process by causing potential damage to the cells.

This does not mean that you should stop exercising. No way. Exercising is an important part of your daily schedule that improves your blood circulation, metabolism and body conditioning. It is all about exercising the right way that can be completed in less time keeping you healthy, refreshed, glowing and young.

3. Maintain a Positive Attitude: A pessimistic view is strictly not acceptable if you are adopting anti aging initiatives. In order to look ten year younger you need to be very optimistic about your life with the positive attitude to say yes to the change that you are going to bring to your lifestyle and attitude. The confidence levels are generally quite low in people with extreme obesity levels who think that they can never acquire a fine muscle tone and an impressive look. This is a wrong view in the life that is often very discouraging. There are real life people over the age of 90 years, who have experienced the rejuvenation in their muscles gaining nice tones in around a week of time by taking up anti aging exercise and diet training under expert advice.

There are few things you need to eliminate from your life permanently. Do not spend your valuable time thinking and discussing about old age and obesity issues, talking about muscle pains and fatigues or consider that this is a natural phenomenon during the life post 40s. Develop a group of people with the right anti aging attitude to life and take the initiatives of staying, young, healthy and fit as a major goal in your life.


Photo Credit: newsusacontent

Photo Credit: newsusacontent

4. Keep your Body Hydrated: This is a crucial factor of health care, every individual independent of the aging factors as well as in later stages of life must follow strictly. The ample amount of water storage in the body rejuvenates the dried cells. If you have suffered dehydration complications or do not necessarily drink sufficient amount of water everyday then take a test yourself. Try to maintain a water consumption habit of at least 12 ounces every day. This will reduce a considerable number of years from your skin with improved facial lining and much more. You can note this big difference in just a few weeks.

Water plays several essential roles in your life. It flushes out the toxins out of the body, giving it a natural cleanse, it regulates the process of skin renewal, reduces hunger, keeps the liver and the kidneys healthy saving them from stressing out while removing toxins from the body.

Water plays an important role in reducing fat stores in the body. The liver is the main organ that works on to remove the fat stores in the body. If an individual consumes, insufficient water, the kidneys will get stressed and the liver will have to work exhaustively to remove the wastes. This acts as a hindrance in its functioning to work on the fat stores.

Do not get too conscious with your water intake every day. Just ensure that you drink 12 ounces everyday not more than that. Hyper hydration can also stress out the vital organs that will have to keep working to remove the water from the body that will be stored in the cells. It is important to take water as per the amount of physical activity you are involved in. For instance, athletes are continuously sweating due to exercising so they will need to drink more water to prevent dehydration.


5. Reduce the Exercising Hours: The fitness and anti aging researchers have based their reports on the studies conducted on real people. They found some surprising facts after constant monitoring. While the entire world is obsessed with vigorous exercising, the anti aging experts have found that exercising for long hours actually led to a lot of cell damage and boosted aging. On the contrary, people who intend to reduce their exercising were actually fit, had greater toned up muscles, and a fine textured skin and above all a stunning appearance. It is not that exercising less will lead to a weight gain in any way. These people practicing exercising for reduced sessions had the least amount of fat storage in the body gaining a fabulous look.

It is important to consider that if you are not keen on working with extreme dedication and patience for the accomplishment of your anti aging goals, these steps are of no use for you. Moreover to start with these steps regularly, you need to immediately bring some major changes in the lifestyle practices to ensure you derive the best results from these five easy steps that you can follow with great convenience.

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