How To Beat An Emotional Hangover

What is an emotional hangover?

Emotional Hangovers are common. This happens when your emotional states of one day spills over into the next day. An Emotional Hangover can also be considered as an aftermath of a night of debauchery where the social ramifications are worse than the actual physical hangover. A ‘Hangover’ is defined as something negative, but not all spill-overs are. When you are in a good mood, you would love to have that spill over to the next day wouldn’t you? 

How likely would one get an emotional Hangover?

Intense emotions usually last for a while, which will likely induce spill-overs. The time of the day or week might increase this likelihood also. Most people do have regular cycles in their emotional states, though, for example everyone looks forward to TGIF rather than the Monday Blues. Knowing what are the causes that may trigger an emotional hangover, may help one to prevent it. These symptoms though are unique to each of us, (if you’re having a bad morning, a negative event bright an early might mean a longer emotional hangover). The causes of these spill overs may also occur depending on your environment. For example if you bring your work home, the chances that emotional hangovers will spill into your home life would be increased.

ways to cure emotional hangoverHow can one reduce the possibilities of getting a negative emotional hangover?

First we must define a negative emotional Hangover.

  • Sense of emptiness and feeling lonely
  • The crave for attention
  • Experiencing excitement at first followed by a sense of loss
  • Stress

These are just a few symptoms. People are afraid of things they do not understand. Try and establish a clear distinction between the different aspects of your life. Another way is to retrace the emotional events in your life as they happen or shortly after. If there was something negative that happened, do not blame yourself and try and reflect on it instead or take it in a positive sense. If all else fails, try to surround yourself with positive energy and motivate yourself to get over that negative state. Being around friends and loved ones always help!

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