Dealing With Chronic Pain? Now Say No.

We often hear people cry “Oh, my back is hurting!”. This is because back pain nowadays is quite a common medical problem. It affects more or less every human being at some point in their life during pregnancy, post-delivery, old age and maximum during the years of struggle. It is considerably more widespread among people aged between 35 and 55 years.

Back pain generally ranges from dull, unexpected regular ache to acute pain. Whether that pain is dull or sharp, is generally observed with the duration of the pain. An acute back pain comes unexpectedly and generally lasts from days to weeks. Back pain is termed as chronic if it stretches for more than three months. But as a matter of fact pain is pain, irritating and annoying.

What causes back pain?

The human back is a multipart structure including muscles, vertebras, disks, ligaments and bones with cartilage. Troubles caused to any of them can lead to back pain. To be precise, back pain can occur due to:

  • Muscle pull or spraining
  • Ligament destruction
  • Improper sleeping postures
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Muscle or nerve contraction

But, the good news is there are great self-help back pain treatments that can help your suffering and relieve your pain.

  • sleepingSleep well:

The discs are largely made of solution, which is missing during the day and regained while you are asleep, this process is known as disc imbibition.
For back patients, it is recommended to sleep on a hard surface rather than supple mattresses that can cause alignment problem. Sleeping in a good posture can largely reduce the pain.

  • Maintain good posture:

Posture is an important factor when discussing back pain. Posture is nothing but the alignment of your joints most commonly related with your spine.  Stand upright and balance your weight on your feet. Make sure that knees slightly relaxed with your feet are quite apart. Your shoulders are in a straight line with your ears and hips.  And while sitting, be careful with your back and try to sit with your back straight and if possible, opt for a designed cushion especially for the back patients that provides your vertebrae with ample of support. Also keep changing your sitting arrangement and avoid sitting for long intervals. Always remember, poor posture can direct to severe back pain or further health issues.  Indeed maintain a good posture.

  • Workout What causes back painExercise:

One of the best remedy for back pain is regular physical activity. Experts suggest that exercising can make a lot of difference.  Another natural treatment suggested is physical therapy. It is a large term that includes stretching, exercises, and massages. Exercises are used to strengthen the back, stretching makes your back flexible; it is suggested to always perform stretching before exercising or doing a tough physical activity. Also do it before bed. And massages help in regaining their power of your muscles. Physical therapy treatment keeps your back flexible and strong.  These are highly suggested remedial measures to relieve the pain.

But, it is always suggested to seek advice from your doctor or orthopedist for exercises suitable for all ages.


  • Yoga:

It has many health benefits and studies depict that Yoga can be highly effective in treating back pain. Majority of us don’t realize this but stress can be a major cause of back pain. Stress affects us all, and Yoga is considered being a great stress buster.

  • Healthy eating habits:

Eat a healthy diet full with fruits and vegetables. Avoid gaining weight so stay away from processed foods that can lead to overweight. Stays fit and avoid all health issues!!

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    Wow.. very informative site. I read your article on chronic pain and learned a bit. Thank you for the great info!

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