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The first drink of the day

The first drink of the day

The first drink you have in the morning can decide how your entire day would be. While a healthy drink can make the day, a wrong one can ruin all your attempts to stay healthy. This is why, the decision of the type of drink you are going to take in the early hours of the day is very important.  A simple change can not only transform your diet completely, but also adjust the lifestyle and improve overall health.

With person, the preference of first drink in the morning may change. While on the one hand, some may stick to a healthy drink, on the other hand, some may opt for the worst drink one can ever think of drinking during morning hours. Among all the drinks, the most common, the healthiest of all and precisely, the base of all drinks- Water is the best for drinking in the morning. Not many people know that drinking at least three glasses of water in the morning can keep a number of diseases at bay.

Why should I drink water?

You should drink water as the first drink of the day if you really want your body to function properly, throw the impurities out of it, hydrate it, feel fresh all day long, make skin glow and regain the lost strength. With so many benefits lined up with drinking a few glasses of plain and inexpensive water, who would not aspire to make the most of first drink. The benefits of drinking water work both physically and mentally, it not only help you fight against the ageing and also assist you overcome the depression.

For those who cannot drink plain water in the morning, they can mix lemon juice in the morning to make a perfect first drink of the day.  As lemon is rich in minerals and vitamins, drinking lemon water helps eliminate all the waste products and toxins from the body, alkalizes your body to curb the growth of cancer cells,  works best for skin and initiate weight loss. Still, you didn’t find my suggestion for first drink as adaptable, then here are The Top 101 Foods that FIGHT Aging and loads you with benefits.

Top 10 tips to detox your bodyAn overview

The list of ‘The Top 101 Foods that FIGHT Aging Wrinkles’ comes packed in an e-book that can be availed at $40. Some renowned sites like Amazon give you an opportunity to get it at just $30. In fact, this amazing book or anti-aging manual is being offered at a discount of 80% on its original price.  The book also comes with 100 % money back guarantee and works the best as an alternative to cosmetic products that only covers the fine lines and wrinkles and not treat it completely.

To get rid of this artificial way that makes us look younger temporarily, Mike Geary, a popular weight loss instructor and fitness guru has compiled a list of delicious foods, nutrients and herbs that helps fight diabetes, aging, lower your blood pressure, boosts metabolism rate and improves your health. Mike Geary has launched the eBook together with is a certified and known nutrition expert Catherine Ebelin.

Aging, to a great extent, is related to your eating habits. With healthy diet, one can maintain youthful and glowing skin for years, while intake of unhealthy food can diminish the spark on your face at a very young age. But, the intake of right and healthy food and fruits, which is a gift of nature for your health and skin, can definitely make your skin look tight and wrinkle free even in the age of 40s.  Sadly, not every person knows what to eat and not to eat to maintain the charm of days. And, this is what is made clear in ‘The Top 101 Foods That Fight Aging ‘with complete details about anti-aging and pro-aging foods.

What’s inside?

Mike Geary’s e-book throws light on the fact that some foods have a tendency to make you look older than your real age owing to biochemical reactions that takes place in your body on eating such foods daily. In contrast to this, some foods tend to delay the process of aging by providing the nutrients that are needed by your body the most. People unaware of this serious fact notice the aging effects in their 40s and 50s. Even in those days, such people can invigorate the skin and make it look younger again by having right food in the plate. Grab it directly or take it as first drink of the day, the fruits mentioned in the book can do wonders for you.

Oxidation, glycation and inflammation are the three major processes in your body, which influence the rate of aging in a person. In ‘The Top 101 Foods That Fight Aging’, the author has discussed about the foods that regulates the levels of all these three processes thereby reducing the rate of aging.

By including the foods given in this book, you can not only bring aging process to a halt, but also garner a number of other benefits. What is best about this book is, there is something for everyone. If you do not like one fruit or spice to be eaten or taken as first drink in the morning, then you can opt for another with similar or more benefits. There is something really amazing in this book, the so-called bad foods like chocolate and coffee actually works best to boost your metabolism, ease joint pain and combat blood pressure.

Briefly, the Top 101 Foods That Fight Aging is for everyone i.e people with different sexes and different genders. Whether you are willing to lose weight, adopt a healthy diet plan and look younger, the book is a pool of healthy foods. The results may not be that good for a foodie, but a health conscious person can really get the most from it. Other than looking younger, there are many more things like increased energy levels and body cleansing can obtained with the content of this book.  So, go and get it fast to earn a healthy lifestyle, which you could have otherwise lost.

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