Does Drinking Beer Cause Beer Bellies?

Whenever we think of beer, we immediately associate it with men and beer bellies. Most people believe that if you drink beer too often, it will result in one having a beer belly. However, is this true or not?

Depending on the type of beer, drinking beer might actually contains lesser calories than a simple meal. The true cause of the beer belly is the junk food that accompanies the beer when one goes for a round of drinks. Beer tends to be an appetite stimulant so people often eat chicken wings and chips and all sorts of other unhealthy foods. These are the kind of foods you usually get in the places that sell beer.

what cause beer belliesRecent studies have shown that there’s a chemical in beer called xanthohumol that researchers now believe helps fight both heart disease and some cancers. Through recent scientific reports, xanthohumol has an effect on cancer and it will reduce the tumour formation in small animals. In cell culture it will inhibit and it will kill cancerous cells.

A typical can of lager beer can contain as low as 50 calories but it varies with the different levels of alcoholic content. One gram of alcohol contains seven calories. However, your average beer has approximately 135 calories, which is almost the same as a medium tub of yogurt or half a dairy milk chocolate bar. The sugar levels in beers are usually very low as well as it is mainly made of wheat and barley.

A basket of fried chicken wings or chips on the other hand, would be piling on the calories as all these fried food are all full of fat. These bar food however, are favourites to accompany a round of beers and this will result in weight gain over time and of course, there comes your beer belly.

Drinking water while having a beer would actually help. You re-hydrate yourself because alcohol dehydrates your system but the water will also make you full and less tempted to get those sinful fatty foods. However, like with most things, it’s best to consume with moderation. Remember if you don’t drive to drink, you won’t drink and drive.

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  1. Mary Norton June 29, 2016 at 12:15 am - Reply

    I love the article, it gave a lot of information on the false claims of beer bellies.
    Thanks so much for your insight on this topic.

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