The Elixir Of Life, Sheep Placenta.

People nowadays are always obsessed with looking younger, feeling more energetic and being able to do the things they did when they were younger. Many have turned to different type of health supplements and medicines which are costly and may sometimes have drastic side effects.

The older we get our growth hormone levels start to decline. As a result, it causes fibroblast cells in our skin to produce less essential components such as, collagen, mucopolysaccharides, hyaluronic acid and elastin that help keep our skin looking youthful, supple and fresh. Together with daily stress, diet, pollution, and lifestyle factors, the result of our skin aging faster than our age is nothing to be surprised about.

These changes happen in the deepest layers of the skin, hence we require a product that will work from within. Sheep placenta offers one of the richest sources of nutrients and immune co-factors ever known. If it is rich enough to nourish a developing embryo, imagine what it can do for your skin and health.

Sheep placenta contains bioactive nutrients such as essential amino acids, melatonin, nucleic acids (RNA and DNA), SOD (Superoxide Dismutase), hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, immune co-factors, PAF, Peptide of Placenta, EGFs (Epidermal Growth Factors), other regulating factors and the unique SCAFs (Senescent Cell Activating Factors).

sheep placentaDue to its high concentration of young stem cells, it is packed with the nutrients necessary to create and nurture new life; placenta is one of the richest sources of cell nutrients and anti-ageing compounds. Studies have shown that placenta contains abundant levels of cell building blocks, active growth factors, antioxidants and skin-beautifying ingredients which will help the body in the long run.

Live cell therapy is a process where young stem cells from sheep placenta are transferred into old and degenerating human cells. They will cause the old cells to heal and restore to its usual form and thus revitalizing the person.

Sheep proteins are particularly compatible with the human body, as they trigger no known immune defence reactions or have any adverse side effects. Sheep placenta extract, are usually taken from specially bred sheep from New Zealand. Sheep are considered by researchers to be the best donor animals for placenta because they are resilient with superior immune systems and naturally resistant to diseases.

Most celebrities look young because of their heavy dosage of placenta. These however cost a lot of money. Nowadays, the availability of sheep placenta extract in oral capsule form has made it more affordable even for the common man.

Our skin is normally the first part of our body to show signs of ageing. Therefore when one takes sheep placenta, the first signs of improvement will usually be noticeable on one’s skin. The rich content of skin-beautifying components and growth factors in sheep placenta are easily absorbed and work on a number of levels to induce skin renewal and repair.

The most commonly reported benefits are reduced lines and wrinkles, smoother, softer skin texture, lesser discolouration, freckles and dark spots; and regulated sebum production and reduced open pores.

Apart from having beautiful skin, sheep placenta actually also helps in anti-aging and also to help boost the immune system. Another benefit is the amino acids in sheep placenta which helps to burn of excess body fat and help to tone and firm the body.

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  1. David May 26, 2017 at 11:30 am - Reply

    Apart from sheep placenta capsule, there is also sheep placenta cream and sheep placenta liquid.These two types are used on the skin, but equally effective for sheep placenta capsule

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