How Festive Season Can Be A Killer On The Diet

The most awaited season of the year is here! Yes, I am talking about the holidays that mark the beginning of the most loved festivals such as Christmas and New Year. Festivals are always fun and enthralling especially when you are around your loved ones. The joy of being together and celebrating a festival with your family and friends is priceless. Those moments spent with your spouse or your siblings or with your best buddies become the most memorable memories of your life and why not, because the basic essence of festivals is giving joy and happiness to everyone that is part of the celebration.
However sometimes these joys, happiness and festivities come for a hefty price that I am sure most of the people have to pay and this price is in the form of your health. As the festivals approaches a lot of people start having an emotional diet rather than healthy one. The reason could be a feeling of loneliness that is caused when one stays away from the loved ones during the festivals or it could be anxiety of throwing the best thanksgiving or Christmas party of the town. Some people even indulge in emotional binging because they are depressed to see the happiness around them and feel socially isolated. No matter what the emotional status is, with emotional binging only one person bears the brunt of sugary and fatty foods and that person is you.

festival seasonYou must have come across people that are extremely regular with their diet and exercise regime throughout the year but even they put on few extra inches during the festival season and leave everyone wondering about the reason. Let me tell you the reason behind those extra inches and kilos, see when people strictly follow a particular routine the entire year, they start feeling boredom by the end of the year and fortunately or unfortunately the year end is marked by various festivals such as thanksgiving and Christmas, thus these fitness freaks get the opportunity to indulge into the delicacies that they’ve been craving for all the past months and in fact they get even more than that. And to add to the agony of their strict regular diets, there are parties and lots and lots of delicious and fatty food. Thus while they enjoy having lots of desserts and delicacies in the festivals, most of them end up adding those extra pounds that leave them repenting their decision of over indulgence in food.
One must always be aware of what one is eating and this rule applies strictly during the festive season. If you are following a healthy diet plan already, then stick to it religiously during the festive season as well because once festivals and holidays are over, you have to get back to your routine and the excess calories that you had during the Christmas parties may spoil your health in a number of ways that you can ever imagine. Christmas time marks festivity and so people indulge in lots of food and liquor, but let me tell you that too much alcohol this festive season can be extremely harmful to both your liver and kidneys. It has also been observed that alcohol of any type increases the blood sugar level in one’s body and leads to hypertension as well. Moreover, alcohol even manipulates your mood swings, thus it may make you feel depressed and lonely this festive season, if you do not control its intake. One must observe that these negative mood swings result in emotional binging that result in ruining your diet and add a few extra pounds to your weight.
No matter how well we all our aware of the harmful effects of over indulgence in food and alcohol, still the mood of the whole festive season makes it impossible to avoid any of the delicious delicacies made with extra love and happiness. Thus here are a few tips that can help you maintain your health and does not make festive season the killer of your diet this winter:

  •  Keep your body hydrated

festive season foodOur body needs almost 2-3 liters of water every day and this quantity needs to be maintained during the festive season as well. No matter how busy or excited you are, never forget to sip water at regular intervals because it keeps your body hydrated and healthy. Secondly, sometimes people misjudge dehydration for hunger and start having food instead of water. Thus binging can be easily avoided by keeping your body hydrated and there is added advantage of the glowing skin that is a must during festive season.

  • Don’t deprive yourself of food

Maintaining your diet is necessary but don’t deprive yourself of the festive delicacies. This season is not going to come again anytime soon so you must enjoy it to the fullest but keeping in mind your health and body. The best way to make yourself happy is to eat and enjoy all the delicacies that you like but in smaller portions or very smaller portions. You can always look for healthier options for your favorite desserts but if your craving is strong, you can eat keeping in mind a rule that says ‘the smaller, the better’!

  • The best medicine this festive season is “Exercise”

Now maintaining your exercise routine can be a challenging task in the festive season as so much is going around you, party preparations or dinner celebrations but there is no alternate to exercise thus you have to make little excuses to make this possible. For instance when going out shopping for your family, prefer to stroll rather than taking a car or prefer a 30 minute treadmill than your favorite TV show. So make little changes in your daily routine to incorporate exercise and physical activity in it because this is the best way by which you can burn those extra calories you’ve had in your evening snack or morning’s dessert.
So, no time of the year is as challenging as the festive season to maintain one’s diet and health, but what you need is little more motivation and control over yourself to make this festive season the most memorable one without leaving place for any guilt and remorse for later.

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