Is A Flushed Face After Drinking Alcohol A Symptom Of High Blood Pressure?

Consumption of alcohol is a very common habit seen among people all over the world. The only difference is that some drink it for social reason, some are habituated and yet there are some who consume alcohol for stress relief. But whatever the reason, the consumption of alcohol is fine if it is restricted and controlled within limits.

Alcohol consumption beyond limits can be a very unhealthy habit and can lead to various health hazards. Uncontrolled drinking in excessive amounts can lead to very serious problems like high blood pressure, heart ailments, liver cirrhosis, and can affect the health in a very serious way. One of the ways that alcohol affects the health negatively is by causing the condition of flushed face which is more commonly seen among Asians.

Is A Flushed Face After Drinking Alcohol A Symptom Of High Blood Pressure?Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse

One of the earliest symptomatic signs of the abuse of alcohol is a perpetual reddening of the face.  This flushing of the face occurs when they consume alcohol at least 4-5 times a week and they should be extremely worried about this condition as it is supposed to be symptomatic signs of high blood pressure.

For people who are more tolerant to alcohol and whose face turn red only when they consume double the amount of those intolerant, for example 8-10 times a week are at a higher risk of blood pressure. The result of high blood pressure is sudden stroke and heart attacks. According to the latest studies, the face of the people turns red when they become intolerant to alcohol.

The studies have shown that there is a relation between high blood pressure and excessive alcohol consumption, but it is still yet to be proven in which way the relation occurs and what is the actual procedure that causes the condition of high blood pressure. Other symptoms include headaches, nausea, dizziness and physical fatigue.

How is Flushed Face caused?

The flushing of the face is generally caused by the person’s inability to disintegrate a product that is got when metabolism of alcohol takes place. This product from alcohol is known as acetaldehyde which gets released from alcohol when it is disintegrated by the liver. The inability of the person to break down acetaldehyde is a genetic problem caused by a dormant enzyme called “aldehyde dehydrogenase 2” (ALDH2), which is usually responsible for the metabolism of acetaldehyde.

Though it has not been medically proven, the consumption of drugs like Zintac, has helped in controlling the condition of flushed face.

The reason is that the drug is supposed to be taken for the care of the liver and the better functioning of the liver.

The up – side of this study is that it is now possible to find out the risk quotient of patients who drink and who are at a higher risk for high blood pressure and can be easily identified and treated for alcohol abuse.

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