Happiness, as defined by Wikipedia, is “a mental state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy”. Happiness can affect how successful one can be in their personal and professional life. Success is usually the cause for one to feel happy but in retrospect, it is being happy that one can be more successful.

One may ask, what is the most sure fire way to put a permanent smile on a face? The usual answer that comes up is money. Through many surveys and research, money has normally been at the top of the list of things that will make people happy.

However, can money really buy true happiness? Human beings tend to take things for granted after a while. We get used to things fairly quickly. A new watch, branded goods or a new car are all just short term solutions to satisfying that feeling of happiness when u have something new. But soon, one will fall back into that “zone” before you purchased that item and the whole cycle will begin again. A psychologist by the name of David Myers once said, “Thanks to our capacity to adapt to even greater fame and fortune, yesterday’s luxuries can soon become today’s necessities and tomorrow’s relics.”

Have you ever bought perfume or cologne and loved the way it smelt but after a while of using it on yourself, you don’t seem to be able to smell it anymore on you? How about doing things like taking a drink in the morning before leaving the house, does it become a routine to you that you don’t seem to notice it anymore? However, if you stop buying that certain fragrance or stop drinking that cup of water before leaving the house, do you then realise something is amiss. Basically this also happens with happiness. We have many things to be happy about, good health, loving parents, stable careers and a wide circle of friends to cheer you up. But we sometimes tend to take all these for granted, and tend to not recognise all these great things anymore.

happiness in life

Some research has shown that reminding people about the good things that they have in their life actually will result in them being happy again. Three groups of people were asked to take a few minutes each week to write about something. The first group wrote about things they were thankful for. The second group wrote about things that annoyed them. The last group wrote about things that happened during the week. The group that wrote about things they were thankful for showed signs that they were more optimistic and happier than the other 2 groups that wrote about the events for the week and things that annoyed them.

There is a belief that if you feel down or unhappy, one should talk about it to ease the pain. This actually does not help. By talking about it, you are reminding yourself about the bad things that happened and your mind cannot move on beyond that. Sometimes people write blogs, this is actually a better way to relief the tension of the negative events. By writing, you are able to see what you are saying and reflect on the past and actually will be able to move beyond the unhappiness and settle back to being happy.

When people talk about being happy, they say think positive. However, is it truly possible for one to keep thinking positive all the time when there is so much negativity around us as well? How does one push all that negativity out of one’s mind? A Harvard psychologist David Wegner, did a research that these thought suppression is more likely to increase rather than decrease. He carried out an experiment with a group of volunteers. He told them to not to think of a polar bear and you will see that the polar bear would actually come to mind every minute.’ The group of volunteers were made to sit in a room, and told to think of anything, EXCEPT a white polar bear, each time they thought of a polar bear, they would have to ring a bell. Guess what? The bells started ringing almost immediately after they started.

Remember, there are many ways for one to be happy. You DO have control over how happy you can be, it’s only a matter of whether you want to or not.

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