Having fish in your diet to boost quality of sperm.

Gentlemen, if you are one who likes sushi or different types of fish dishes, you are in for a real treat. One may boost the quality of his sperm just by eating more fish. The reason why this is so, is thanks to the Omega 3 fatty acid.

What has omega 3 fatty acid have to do with the quality of one’s sperm? Researchers from the University of Illinois has explained that normal sperm are composed of a cap-like structure that surrounds the top part of the sperm head called the acrosome. It’s here, in the cap, where the enzymes needed to successfully penetrate an egg are housed and concentrated. In order for the sperm to develop this cap-like or arch structure and the rest of the building blocks needed to fuse the rest of the sperm together, sperm need a certain omega-3 fatty acid called docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Without DHA, this vital structure doesn’t form and this will cause sperm cells not to work.

Tuna and Salmon are rich in DHA which is why having more fish in your diet would help the quality of your sperm. A test was done on mice which lacked this fatty acid and they were found to be infertile. However, once the diet was changed and more DHA was introduced, the fertility of the mice went back to normal.

DHA can also be found in brain tissue as well as testes and the retina. The lack of DHA could probably lead to poorer vision as well as dementia. A diet high in saturated fats including deep-fried and processed foods would also affect the quality of sperm. Men who ate whole grains, vegetables and fish regularly tend to have better quality sperm.

Foods that one should consider taking to improve their fertility include eggs, salmon, natural yogurt, nuts, seeds, berries, sweet potatoes, broccoli and asparagus.

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