‘Health Is Wealth’- How Factual Is This Quote?

We all have grown up listening to this old maxim ‘health is wealth’ and at some point of our lives have questioned the validity and facts behind this statement. In simple words, this maxim means that a person in possession of a healthy body is certainly wealthier than a person with much wealth but no health and thus health is considered to be the ultimate wealth by our ancestors and a lot of stress was laid in order to maintain it.

Health tips on good health Health Is WealthWhat is good health?

Having a good health doesn’t just implies that a person is free from any medical disorders or illness, it implies complete well-being of a person from physical, mental and spiritual point of view. Having a great physical health may mean that a person has a well-maintained and fit body and having a great mental well-being means that an individual doesn’t suffer from any mental disorders or depression.

Even a great spiritual well-being is necessary in order to achieve what we call as a state of complete well-being and thus a person in possession of all three aspects of health is considered to be healthy.

The importance of health in older times

Our ancestors can be considered to be luckier than us because their life was free from this modern days hum drum and rat race or should we say that they knew how to balance out things. Maintaining their body and well-being was their ultimate motto and they never tend to ignore the same at any costs.

Their diet was balanced and free from all kinds of junk and physical exercise was a part of their daily routine because they weren’t dependent on vehicles or transportation facilities unlike present generation. Stress and anxiety even if experienced by them were handled by applying holistic measures and thus peace of mind, body and spirituality was attained keeping one in good health.

Modern times and importance of health

We came across a sarcastic quote on the current condition of the modern man which states that ‘the trouble with the rat race is that even if you win it, you are still a rat!’ The state of the well-being and overall health of the people belonging to today’s generation is terrible because unlike our ancestors, our motto is just to accumulate more and more wealth and this is the reason why our health has taken a backseat.

Our basic ambition in life is to be successful and rich, no matter that implies losing our biggest wealth i.e. health. There are a number of reasons that can be quoted to be the cause of such sorry state of health conditions experienced by people across the globe but the most important ones comprise of our own greed and lust for material pleasures, unhealthy eating habits and last but not the least lack of physical movement.

No matter what the reasons are, the facts of year 2014 make it clear that health is no longer considered to be wealth and it is rather unfortunate to state that the age-old maxim holds very little value in the modern times.

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  1. raydounahammed April 23, 2017 at 2:50 pm - Reply

    Health is not only for rich man but also all kind of people so we should take care about our health.

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