Understand Your Hormones Cycle And How It Works For You

Most people usually associate hormones with wild mood swings and chocolate binges, but our monthly hormonal cycle can actually be used as an advantage in many other areas of our life. Explore deeper into your hormones with this article, and learn how your hormones can actually regulate your mood swings and be beneficial rather than simply an annoyance. Using integrative nutritionist Alisa Vitti’s ideas, we’ll explore how hormones (in addition to exercise) will help improve fitness, increase productivity, provide more energy and have the sheet clinching sex you’ve always desired.

Hormones and Your Mind

The first week of your hormone cycle leads to an increase in oestrogen and FSH, and  is the perfect time to plan your month ahead. An increase in the levels of oestrogen and FSH in your body stimulate creativity, making it much easier to be creative when looking ahead at your plans for the month.

When week three rolls around, progesterone levels increase in your body, stimulating the ability to focus attention on a certain task, making you feel focused and organized. Week three is the perfect time to complete tasks and tackle those backed up finances. The stimulated focus caused by progesterone will not only give you the attention span you need to tackle those daunting tasks, but the increase in focus means you will perform them better, without needing to take breaks every five minutes for a stretch.

By the last week of your hormone cycle, your hormones have digressed to more normal levels. When the stimulation and focus has worn off, other areas of your life can be more easily evaluated. The last week of your hormone cycle is the perfect time to review the month, and take care of the projects you’ve started in your home, as well as work related issues that need taken care of in the upcoming months. Week four of your hormone cycle is also the perfect time to work on self-improvement, as many times the rest of the month leaves very little time to spend time working on the mental aspects you may be struggling with.

guide on hormones cycleHormones and Activity Levels

Weeks two and three of your hormone cycle are the perfect time to grab your trainers and hit the gym. The improved stamina that the testosterone your body releases in these weeks allow you to work out harder and longer, so get ready to start running, or going to your favorite high-intensity aerobics class. These weeks are the perfect time to shed extra weight by participating in higher aerobic workouts (exercise that increases your heart rate) and the extra energy you get in these weeks will provide the drive you need to get out there and work out!

By the time week four has come, the decrease in hormones also means a decrease in the stamina provided in weeks two and three. Week four of your hormonal cycle is the perfect time to focus on stretching, Yoga or Pilates to rest those tired muscles, and help increase your flexibility. By following this schedule every month, it will become easier to work out on weeks two and three (due to your increased flexibility) and easier to stretch on week four, plus having the downtime in weeks one and four will allow your body the much needed rest it needs to recover from those intense workouts, and allow you to give everything you have in weeks two and three. Week four allows you time to recuperate from your month, and reflect on your progress, as well as gives you the perfect time to work on the upcoming schedule for the next month’s workout.


Many women complain of a low sex drive, and although there are other possible medical reasons for this, sometimes it’s simply because you’re choosing the wrong time to have sex. By week two of your hormone cycle, the very same testosterone that provided your boost in stamina and allowed you to work harder in the gym also creates an increased desire for sex. Not only does it take a significantly less amount of time to get in the mood, but it makes it so much easier to reach orgasm, as well as strengthens your orgasms! Week two is a great time to be spontaneous, so whenever you feel in the mood, don’t be afraid to enjoy yourself.

By week three, your heightened testosterone levels continue to increase desire, but your oestrogen levels have fallen, making it more difficult to reach your climax. It’s still a great week to have sex, but do keep in mind that it will take more time to reach orgasm than in week two, so let your partner know exactly what you want, and be sure to set side time for a romantic night together.

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