A man’s actual take on a woman’s body

Women are considered to be a masterpiece creation of god, after all men don’t have all the assets and curves to show off as women. The radiant face, the sharp features, the curvy figure and the asset adorned body definitely make women stand out of the crowd. There is not an iota of doubt that each woman is unique and so is her body, for instance some women are too thin while others may be full-bodied but that definitely doesn’t undermines the fact that each woman is good looking and attractive in her own unique way.

What women think about their body?

Every woman, no matter what age group she belongs to wants to look just pep and perfect in front of her man or men in general, after all that’s how the system of nature works. Men get attracted to women and vice versa, fall in love, make love, get married, rare children and the cycle of life continues. However no matter how perfect or imperfect a woman looks, she’ll be always worried about one thing- her appearance and precisely her body. Nearly every woman in the world has a fetish for looking herself in mirror, after all who doesn’t like to indulge in a session of self praise? But surprisingly, this session of self praise usually gets transformed into a session of self-pity for almost every woman after spending few minutes in front of the mirror. For instance, while praising her perfect figure, she’ll discover the not-so-pleasing stretch marks on her belly or while looking at her long neck, she’ll start worrying about her sagging breasts. All in all, a woman would search every nook and corner of her body in order to find out flaws and fortunately or unfortunately, she’ll find plenty of them worth worrying about.

Finding and knowing one’s inner flaws is not at all a bad thing but indulging in a session of self-pity after every visit to the mirror is completely undesirable. Going into the in-depth detail of this psychology of a woman’s mind, one would easily know that why her body is so important to her and the reasons for this repeated attempt to look perfect and flawless. The reason is simple to understand, a woman always wants to have a perfect body because she knows that her man would perceive her by the way she looks and by looks, we mean her body indeed! It is a pre-conceived notion that men in general are attracted to a woman’s physical appearance and would stay with a woman who has the perfect body to cater to their needs. Thus a woman, no matter how young or old she is would want to have a flawless body and assets in order to keep her man pleased forever.

What is a man’s perspective about a woman’s body?

Undoubtedly a woman’s body is a fetish for every man and every man; yes every man gets attracted to a woman because of her physical attributes in the first instance. Even if you ask men in general about what they like in a woman’s body, they won’t be able to surpass the typical answers of breasts, butt, ass or sometime even eyes and smile but no man in the world would say her arms, back or shoulders. So even if you don’t have chiseled arms or shoulders, you don’t need to worry as he wouldn’t notice those even after 10 years of your marriage.

  • How man think of woman bodyMen look for feminine women

A woman most definitely looks different from a man in certain ways and this is what attracts a man towards a woman. The feminine side of your body- the breasts, butt and curves etc. is what makes him go crazy about you, after all he doesn’t have that sharpness in his body. A woman who has a proportionate figure will definitely get more attention but every woman who is proud of her curves and assets and carries herself with self-confidence is likely to be considered feminine and attractive by men in general. So ladies, your cellulite, arm flaps, cracked teeth and stretch marks don’t matter to him at all.

  • Men want their women to be different

The fact that a man is attracted to you and is showing interest in you means that he already likes the way you look and appreciates your body. Men in general are drawn towards women that have different physical features, for instance- the thin lips that are a constant cause of your worry may appear sexy and attractive to him because he might be thinking about kissing them already!! The working of a man’s brain is different from a woman’s, while a woman would be too indulged in worrying about the stretch marks on her ass, the man would be thinking numerous ways of grabbing them fast. All in all, men have an extremely different perspective about a woman’s body because they might consider that very part of your body sexy which you actually feel is hideous.

  • Men are drawn towards a confident body

‘What kind of a body actually draws men’s attention’ is one such question that has been deliberated since man’s existence on earth; however one hasn’t got the perfect answer of this question yet. In a recent survey, a group of 500 men were asked similar question and nearly 80% of them admitted that it was a woman carrying herself with great confidence and attitude that instantly grabbed their eyeballs. Almost 75% of the same group of men said that they never noticed stretch marks or other scars on a woman’s body even after years of togetherness and even if they have, it doesn’t matter to them at all. A woman may be on a slightly larger side or her breasts may be too small but if she carries herself with perfect amount of confidence and attitude, she has the capability of drawing and keeping a man’s attention forever.

Man’s take on the woman’s sessions of self pity

Ladies, no man on this earth is as good looking and feminine looking as you are and fortunately each and every man is aware of this fact. So when you are thinking about how flawless or imperfect your body is your man might be thinking about taking you in his arms and expressing his love and passion for you. A woman’s body is her biggest asset and thus indulging is a session of self-pity is totally undesirable from an individual point of view. Even the men unanimously feel that women who discuss their body flaws and complaint about how imperfect they look are a big turn off for them. The cellulite, stretch marks, wrinkles and crow’s feet is something men don’t really care about and they wouldn’t notice the same until you make them aware that these flaws actually exist in your body.

Generally men have a tendency of paying attention to porcelain faced, paper thin girls walking on the runway or appearing on television but that doesn’t mean that they want those women and not you. Those runway models or swim-suit clad girls, no matter how perfect they appear are not real unlike you and your man knows that truth to the core. A real man would always like to spend time with a woman who is real and in front of him and all women need to understand this fact.

Your body is worth celebrating!!

A beautiful and attractive body is something that every woman desires to have and one needs to invest a little more time, energy, effort and control in order to achieve that. But exercising control and effort doesn’t mean that you make your gym the epicenter of your life and madly aim for having flat abs. It is pertinent to know for every woman that men no matter how fitness friendly they are don’t like the company of a woman having similar 6 pack abs as they have. A fit woman is definitely sexy but a man would never like to spend time with a woman who can challenge him in push ups or crunches.

No matter what phase your body is going through or what shape it is in, believe me it is worth celebrating! A man paying you attention and showering his love on you knows exactly what he’s investing into, so give him a chance to become a part of your celebration. Indulging in self-pity is a waste of time because that would not just destroy your self confidence but would also make your man distant from you. So pay attention to what you’ve got and add value to the same by putting in little efforts.

The stretch marks or crow’s feet or bulging arms aren’t worth wasting your time for because your man wouldn’t give a damn to these things. Instead he would pay attention to your curvy waist, sexy stomach and feminine buttocks because this is what makes you a woman and a man would love to have a woman by his side-a real one indeed!


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