Relationships have been the basis of the growth and progression of the human race since times immemorial. The secrets of relationships and methods, ways and means to make them work have intrigued one and all as long as the invention of the wheel or perhaps even before that. Numerous books have been written on the subject and if you try hard enough, you would probably find hundreds of doctors and psychologists out there trying to give free advice on how to manage your relationships or your sex life. Amongst the many things that are doing the rounds out there in the world are many myths about men and women. It is absolutely not possible to make a relationship work if you are constantly living in the false world of pretence. You may pretend to know the opposite sex but living in the land of the false can be very tricky at times. This article is aimed at clearing some of the myths that women often believe when it comes to men. Let’s discuss the FIVE FACTS ABOUT MYSTERIOUS MEN that women don’t know or often get wrong.

MYTH NUMBER 1 : MEN ARE LAZY – Women are always seen and portrayed nagging about how their man won’t leave the couch or not get up from in front of the television. Be it TV commercials or in the movies, this one trait is always shown in the negative sense. What needs to be understood and appreciated by the opposite sex is that this portrayal of lethargy is directly linked to the fact that the man is usually (or should I say more often than not) the breadwinner of the house. This when he gets time off after a hectic week, he likes to sit back, relax and enjoy the game.

facts about relationshipsMYTH NUMBER 2 : MEN ARE INSENSITIVE—This is the myth that is most common of all when the numbers are compared. More than 90 percent of women will believe this line when asked in a survey. The truth is however is much more than meets the eye. Men are not only sensitive but also emotional. The masculinity feature doesn’t allow men to display their emotions as frequently as women but if men are coaxed to talk it would be a good vent for them to express themselves and will always work out for the best in the long run when considering the relationship.

MYTH NUMBER 3 :  MEN DON’T LIKE SHOPPING—Every woman in the world would vouch for the fact that men neither volunteer nor take point when it comes to the idea of going shopping. They link it to the fact that shopping is a feminine thing and men don’t relate to it. The truth is that men would kill for shopping. Men love shopping like anything else in the world but there are certain bumps in the road. Firstly, men work very hard to earn money and the idea of spending hard earned money on clothes and jewelers does seem a little absurd, especially when the frequency of such deeds is more than once a week. Secondly, men tend to shy away from shopping because they love it so much and they can’t resist being a compulsive shopper. Take a man to a gadget store and see how he can go as bonkers as a woman in a shoe store.

MYTH NUMBER 4 : MEN ALWAYS HOLD THEMSELVES IN A SUPERIOR STANCE—In the days of the caveman, it was a known fact that the men went out to hunt for food and the women stayed home to cook and look after the children. This so called training followed through the years and almost became a distinguishing factor that identified masculinity. This gave the feeling that men considered themselves superior to women. This may have been true about two or three decades ago but the women need to realize that every man today is aware of the fact that the women in the world are taking on every challenge standing shoulder to shoulder alongside the men and this is a much respected trait.

MYTH NUMBER 5 : MEN DON’T COMMUNICATE—When there is a discussion or a talk of gossips or that of gossipers, the first thing that comes to mind is a group of women. There is a widespread myth amongst the women that only women are capable to sit and chit chat. They feel very strongly that masculinity comes with a certain sense of serene silence. They feel that men are incapable of communicating either with their partners or with their peers. This is a myth that can be cleared very easily. Try asking a man the directions to a particular place. Try and start a discussion about the latest gadgets or about the working of a new global positioning unit that he got installed in his car and see the magic happen. It’s as simple as understanding that girls play with doll houses and Barbie dolls while boys play with guns and demolition kits. At the end of the day men love to communicate and even gossip sometimes but you know when where and how to strike the match in order to get him to start talking.

The amazing thing about relationships is that they are like faces. There may be many similarities but no two faces or relationships can ever be the same. In order to make your relationship work you need to be sure to sit and talk to each other so that you can understand each other. You need to stop comparing your face (relationship) with someone else’s face. You need to stop listening to and believing in myths about the opposite sex and learn for yourself as you move forward in the relationship and in life as well. At the end of the day when you stand in life facing the challenges and hardships that are thrown at you, you need to be standing with your partner and making sure that you understand them and know them well in order to love them with every bit of your heart.

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