Obvious Top 10 Health Benefits Related To Sex

health benefits of sex blood pressureA lot of people relate a healthy lifestyle with routine and habits that are not fun all the time… similar to arduous workouts. But this is a mistaken belief, as loads of of the healthiest practices are besides among the most worthwhile.

Take sex. Mostly people know that Sex is pleasurable but they often overlook the fact that comes with this pleasure. It reckons as fairly intense exercise; in addition it also boosts various aspects of both physical and mental wellbeing. The one and most obvious fact is that having frequent sex also good for everyone both in physical and mental aspects. There is an array of health benefits of having sex. One must invest in intensifying one’s outlook towards sexual intercourse and health; this further helps in improving one’s overall well being.

Let’s explore few lesser known – nevertheless common benefits of having sex such as Sexual activity benefits our body the same way as a good exercise routine or workout session, boosts up the heart health, lowering blood pressure and better immunity system.

Sex is directly associated to better sleep, intimacy and increased self-esteem. Sex also lowers your mental stress levels and act as a pain relief for patients suffering from back pain, leg pain or arthritis, headaches Or even migraines. A hale and hearty sex life is a key element of a wholesome lifestyle:

Health benefits sexually intercourse helps in burning Body Fat:

one of the most well known facts is that sex helps in burning calories. One exciting activity can direct burning up to 120 calories equivalent to a small snack. Although sex will never be equivalent a kickboxing session or strength training workout, but the undeniable fact is fact that you do go through a muscular workout. According to Patti Britton, PhD, author of The Art of Sex explains that there are more than 600 muscles in a human body, that we release and contract during sex. Thus, it makes it an excellent approach of exercise that can be employed even by the laziest of persons.

healthy relationship tipsHealth benefit sexually intercourse enhances immunity:

Studies have proved that people who have frequent sex have healthier immunity system and build stronger system from conditions like cold, cough and infections. Having sex twice a week gradually will help in the antibody production also known as immunoglobulin A (IgA). High levels of IgA antibody activated by sexual intercourse will help in keeping away from diseases and maintaining a healthy body.


Health Benefits of sex blood pressure:

Couples who were sexually active have improved cardiovascular system. When you chip in the sexual actions, you will realize that your heart as well as your respiratory system is engaged in the stir which is indeed a good thing! The outcome of such a speculation generally leads ways to turn out your heart stronger and serve better quality of life. Sex has thatmiraculous quality of driving you into the moment, particularly during the orgasm, wherein one feels like vigorous suspension and both body and mind go off- grid.

health benefits of sexHealth benefits of sex can act as a stress buster:

Not to be overlooked Sex can mitigate tension, anxiety and further forms of mental stress. It results in oxygenation of blood that enables the mind to draw away from negative stressors. Thus, Sexual intercourse results in lower blood pressure and better stress response.


Health benefits of sex can aid in relieving pain:

Due to the Sexual activity liberates pain-relief hormones endorphins in high levels by the body. It has been observed to aid and reduce back pain, menstrual cramps, leg pain or arthritis and headaches. Research and studies have found that sexual intercourse can even lead to relieve patients suffering from migraine and cluster-headache.

Health benefits of sex help in improving sleep:

This might come naturally that your guy will start snoring in a moment subsequent to some quality moments between the sheets. This is just a kind a relaxation experienced right after the sexual activity. Researchers have proved that after orgasm or after oxytocin rush, the relaxation stimulating hormone prolactin is on the loose that generally helps people to nod off faster promoting better sleep.

healthy relationshipHealth benefits of sex before marriage helps in building stronger relationships:

The love hormone ‘oxytocin’ that produces the urge to fuse and connect has been observed to rise in level due to regular orgasms. This particular hormone is proficient to create a bond among people who have sexual relationships to build harmony that is required to improve even the marriages. Hence, Researchers recommend couples to make love regularly in order to increase intimacy and share a better bond.

Health benefits of Sex Increases Self-Esteem:

According to researchers and studies based on findings from most people’s interviews, sex therapists and marriage counselors views concludes that sex helps people in feeling recovered regarding their self-esteem. According to the study in the ‘archives of sexual behavior’, Couples who are involved in Good sex are reported to have better lives.

relationship tipsHealth benefits of Sex Reduces the Risk of Prostate Cancer:

The rarest known fact is that reduced risk of Prostate Cancer is due to regular ejaculations. And researches have shown men who ejaculate regularly in their 20s during sex or even masturbation will have lesser propensity to suffer from disease like Prostate Cancer in their future.

Health benefits of Sex results in better Bladder Control in females:

This pertains to women as during sexual intercourse women can exercise in fact strengthen their pelvic floor muscles also known as Kegels that contracts during orgasm. There are specific exercises- Kegel exercises to be specific that women should practice during intercourse. These exercises can help in plummeting chances of incontinence in women and aid to improve their bladder control. Kegels entails drawing the lower pelvic muscles up high and tight and then releasing. Practicing Kegel exercises for the duration of sex benefits the most. Therefore, Sex helps in building stronger pelvic floor muscles.

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