Oxytocin Might Be “Ruling” Your Intimate Interactions!

Biologically speaking, hormone can have lot of psychological and physiological effects. That is why the scientists these days have started focusing on the peculiarity of these hormones especially that are released in the brain. Our emotions, perception and reaction are leading to numerous kind of activity and countless hormones are secreted. The intense study of these hormones has revealed astounding findings. The most spectacular hormone that emerges in the whole research is oxytocin which is also called “trust hormone” or “love molecule”.

Oxytocin was initially considered to have only physiological effects but the later findings have depicted its role in the social and relationship sphere. Yes, indeed it may be the oxytocin that has helped you find your partner or trust anyone in a social setting. This brain chemical is said to be significantly correlated with bringing the couples together from the simple liking to their intense feelings of love and also their sexual interactions.

There has been ceaseless research, experiments and surveys that revealed that oxytocin is the primary agent behind the bonding in our social interactions. It is also responsible for the strengthening of relations further. There is huge array of physiological as well as behavioral aspects that are linked with oxytocin.

understanding oxytocinThe main reason why oxytocin comes in the lime light is its secretion associated with social gestures and interactions. This feel good hormone is released whenever you are hugging someone or touching the person you love. The intensity can go higher if the desirable person is nearby. Thus, all the human interactions tend to surfaces a significant fact that oxytocin is the reason why they are interested in the person or feel good in their company. In addition to this, this magical component does not restrict only with humans, even your pet can be the reason of oxytoxin secreting in your brain and hence, the subsequent feeling of unconditional love for your pet!

In the sexual behavior oxytoxin can play an indispensable role. The desire and the liking for the person are closely associated with the secretion of this hormone in brain. This can be the reason of immediate liking or disliking of the person.  First of all, oxytocin is linked with the sexual arousal. The attractiveness and desire for the person can let the increase in the secretion of oxytocin in the brain. During sex, there is increased level of oxytocin in the brain and when the partner reach orgasm there is absolute flood of oxytocin!

Apart from sex, this love molecule tends to rule the intimacy and attachment between the partners. The relation is supposed to go strong if the release of this hormone is consistent. There is constant research on the grounds of selecting the partners on the study of the oxytocin levels. The romantic attachments are predisposed to the mercy of this molecule. The partners who are separated by the long distances tend to fall apart due to the lack of physical affection. As the constant touch and contact is important for maintaining healthy oxytocin levels, when the reason is found missing then there can be lack of intimacy in the relationships. This pattern can be explained explicitly through the oxytocin’s role in maintaining attachment bonds with the partners.

Moreover, the infidelity or the loyalty of the sex partners is also associated with the oxytocin levels. The higher level of this hormone tends to make people more loyal towards their sex partners. Many studies significantly depict that level of oxytocin positively correlating the monogamous characteristics among the two partners. It surely signals that oxytocin is ruling very intimate parameters of our attachment relationships. The in-depth and insightful study in this zone is revealing many interesting as well as significant understanding of the different people’s reactions, behaviors, interactions etc.

The most important and the significant finding pertaining to the oxytocin is its indelible role in the mother and child bonding. The striking results of various experiments has reveled how the interaction of the mother with the child is significantly rooted with this love molecule. The building of the beautiful bond with the mother and child is primarily because of oxytocin release when the child is touched, hugged or curdled. Hence, many scientists and psychologists are of the view that this hormone plays a very vital role in the healthy and positive development of the relationship between the mother and the child.

In addition to this, during pregnancy and labor pains, oxytocin tend to relieve the stress, labor pains and also regulate the contractions. It also facilitates the secretion of milk from the mother’s breasts. It is interesting to note that oxytocin is linked with the maternal feelings and sentiments. Even in the case of mothers, the higher release of oxytocin triggers the feeling of affection and attachment with the child.

hormoneIn the general social settings, the affinity that we have with the people while interacting with others tend to be directly dependent on this hormone. The higher release of oxytocin while interacting, thinking or touching, more are the chances that you will develop trusting bonds with the people. Oxytocin is associated with the reducing fears and inhibitions which is prerequisite for building trust. With the release of oxytocin in the brain social barriers are diminished and there is abundant feeling of optimism. All this can help in developing better self esteem and diminishing the shyness causing traits in people. Hence, oxytocin is given quite a lot of credit when it comes to the bonding and trust building. The further closeness can only happen if there is a continuous higher level.

It is true that oxytocin can be considered to the determining chemical in our brain that tend to dictate our social interactions, especially that of intimacy and closeness. The feeling of attachment is supremely based on the secretion of oxytocin thus, becoming the foundation as well as the real sign of bonding and creating the relationships. Indubitably, higher the release, stronger the relationship and bond that you are bound to experience in your life!

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