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We all have grown up listening to our elders saying that “health is wealth” and there is not an iota of doubt about the authenticity of this statement. Being healthy and hearty is definitely the most beautiful gift of the almighty that we all have been blessed with. The human body is considered to be the most complex machine in the universe, thus one need to devote sufficient time and hard work for its upkeep. But unfortunately owing to the modern rat race, everyone seems to be short of time especially when it comes to one’s health.

Thanks to this modern lifestyle we are losing on our health aspects and this ignorance has lead to a major problem known as obesity. Obesity refers to a medical condition in which a person’s body accumulates excess fats more than what is actually required. And the consequences of obesity is not just an ugly appearance but it also leads to hypertension, diabetes, insomnia, cardio-vascular diseases, cancer and reduces life expectancy of a person, thus the overall effects of obesity are fatal and life threatening.

But not just the results of obesity but the facts associated with it are all together shocking. In a recent research it has been found that nearly one billion people in the world are overweight and suffering from obesity. In America itself the statistics related to obesity are extremely shocking though it is one of the most developed countries in the world. In USA, nearly two third of Americans over the age of 20 years are obese. In fact USA ranks first in the list of world’s most obese countries.

Your guide to health tips weight lossNot let us come to the reasons of this obesity, the first reason leading to obesity and unhealthy body is inactive lifestyle. Due to lack of sufficient time, people tend to ignore their health the most. Despite of going for a walk or hitting the gym, they prefer to hit a pub or a club in the evening. Leisure time is continuously shrinking and both kids and adults like to spend this free time in front of their TV’s instead of going to a nearby park. A research on obesity has concluded that people who spend more than two hours of their day watching TV are more likely to be obese than others. The second reason for obesity is related to one’s genes and family history. Though one can’t really change his/her genes but can surely work to curb the ill-effects.

The most direct and likely reason of you getting unhealthy is your food. It is often said that “what you eat is what you become” and literally our body works that way. The human skin gets replaced in every 30 days and the liver gets renewed in every sixty days, thus the food that passes on to your body actually gets used up in this process and helps in the formation of new cells. That means nearly one billion people in the world are ruining their body with their own bad food habits.

Our body is made up of millions of cells and this cell formation requires a lot of energy that comes from proteins and some amount of fats. Usually people get confused between good and bad fats. Good fat simply means low fats that not only keep your body healthy but also helps one to reduce weight, manage cholesterol and prevent many diseases. The good fats in your food are of two types namely mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fats that are found in foods such as olive oil, avocados, nuts, walnuts, Soya milk, Tofu and peanut butter etc. While on the other hand the bad fats are of two types as well namely saturated and trans-fats. These bad fats are found in foods such as butter, cream, ice-cream, candy bars, packaged foods, dairy products and high fat cuts of meat.

Thus after knowing the difference between good and bad fats one can easily make a healthy and smart choice of food. Following are some tips that one can keep in mind before planning their weight loss schedule:

  • desserts  You must eat less amounts of meat and more of fish and chicken because meat is made up of saturated fats that are not good for your health.
  •   The next time you have to choose between frying and steaming, blindly choose steaming because it benefits you in two ways. Firstly steaming means less use of oil which is good for your pocket and secondly steaming means less fats and cholesterol which is good for your health.
  •  Replace your normal vegetable oil or butter with healthy olive oil.  It may be a little more on your pockets, but believe me it would be extremely light on your body and heart.
  •   Replace your favorite desserts with much more healthy options. All the ice creams lovers can indulge in healthier and tastier option of frozen yoghurt.
  •   The most loved desserts around the world are chocolates and one can’t really do without them. But you can enjoy both the taste and health in your chocolate by replacing your milk chocolate with the dark chocolate. Another added advantage, dark chocolates are extremely beneficial in increasing concentration and satisfies your hunger pangs without making you fat!!
  •   Dairy products are normally given a complete no-no when it comes to the weight loss regime. But not all dairy products are harmful, a little caution and you can enjoy all your dairy products like before. Eggs are a rich source of protein and cholesterol but once you remove the yolk, you are only left with proteins that are the building blocks of our body. Another important dairy product that one can’t really do without is milk. Your whole fat milk needs to be replaced with skimmed milk and all you get is healthy proteins and no fats.

So the next time you plan to start a weight loss regime keep these amazingly healthy tips in your mind. Always remember you and only you are responsible for maintaining your health and body so get up and face the reality before things get out of your hand. The money you earn is of no worth until you have a healthy body that can’t taste the most wonderful and healthy cuisines of the world.

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