The Pursuit Of Happiness

The emotion of happiness is something that each one of us wants to experience on daily basis. No matter how good or bad the day or work has been, one can easily find a moment of happiness. The meaning of happiness is different for everyone, for some it’s about being with their loved ones while for some it is about driving their favorite car. So all in all, there are millions of ways that can make one happy and finding that reason is what makes our life worth living.

Life is not perfect and so are we and this imperfection is the reason why most of us tend to be frustrated and depressed and lose our moment of happiness. A number of studies have been conducted from time to time in order to determine the human pursuit of happiness and the results have been rather interesting.

A number of psychologists believe that though happiness and the emotion of being happy are subjective and relative to each and every individual, staying happy is a habit that needs to be developed over a period of time. The people who develop the habit of staying happy definitely have a more peaceful life and remain positive all the time. While on the other hand, people who keep on waiting for happiness to come knocking at their doors lose the peace and tranquility of their minds.

It has been observed that there are no specific reasons that make people happy, after all happiness is relative and this is the reason why there is no perfect mantra to stay happy always. But there are a certain ways in which one can at least find their share of happiness in their daily routine, some of which are enlisted below:

  • happiness in lifeEnjoy the present moment

A number of people keep on worrying about the future and are in fact curious about what future has in its bag for them and this way they let go of their present happiness. The time in which one is living is precious and it’s never going to come back again, so no matter how little or much it is offering to you, grab it at once and get your share of happiness today.

  • Happiness doesn’t need to be big

Most of the people have a feeling that only big and fancy moments in their lives are worth celebrating and can be regarded as reasons for being happy. But in reality, such situations rarely come and are in fact temporary in nature. Thus the best way to keep your happiness intact is to find different ways of staying happy. For instance, play with your dog, go on a long drive with your lover, feast on a pizza and do just anything and everything that gives you happiness instantly.

  • Your attitude makes all the difference

Attitude is something that defines each one of us and it is exactly the thing that defines our level of happiness. Developing an attitude that let one find happiness in little things of life is something worth trying for. One can easily find happiness if one believes that today is better than yesterday and you’re capable of making tomorrow better than today.

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