How To Get A Restful Goodnight’s Sleep

Good sleep is vital to health and survival of mankind. People spend a lot of time and money to find good exercise programs, nutritional plans and more to ensure a better and healthy lifestyle. But most of us forgot to develop a quality sleep which is part of a healthy way of life. In today’s busy world, most people are getting troubled with sleep deprivation problems. Lack of sleep can create physical as well as emotional health issues. It can make you stressed and tired, get troubled in decision making, unable to focus or concentrate on work, difficulties in driving and many other issues.

Most of the adult people require 7-8 hours of good sleep time each night. From your daily life routine to sleep schedule, there are many factors which can affect the quality of your night’s sleep. Establishing better sleep habits can help you get consistently a good quality sleep. The following are some of the sleep strategies which may help you in getting a restful goodnight’s sleep:

health tips on good sleepFix a regular Bedtime

Our body and mind works well on a regular and comfortable routine. When the bedtime and rising time is consistent, it is quiet easy to fall asleep and wake up. Try to keep a regular bedtime for every night. Normally if you are getting enough sleep at night, you will wake up in the morning naturally without the help of an alarm. If you strictly keep a regular bedtime and wakeup time, you can eventually get a normal sleep schedule which works best for you.

If you are feeling tired during daytime, you may consider to take a nap. But it may cause disruption to your sleeping schedule, especially if you have sleeping problems like insomnia. If you feel you require a nap during the daytime, make it during early afternoon and limit it up to 30 minutes.

 Develop right eating and exercise habits

Just as eating good food contributes to a healthy body, foods also have impact on good or bad sleep. There are some food and food habits which can improve the chances for getting good sleep. Healthy foods and fats such as vegetables, fruits, coconut oil, eggs, butter and other antioxidant foods add to a good sleep cycle.

It is good to avoid big meals at dinner time. Heavy, rich foods can keep your digestion system working for hours and it may keep you up. It is also good to avoid spicy or acidic items in the evening, because they can induce stomach troubles. Eating high protein snack before bed time promotes good quality sleep. Try to avoid diary or wheat food items which you may be sensitive to.

Developing daily exercise as a part of your daily life contributes strongly for a good sleep at night. Exercises including bicycle ride, brisk walk, gardening or any other housework can help you improve sleep. But exercises should be done at the right time, as exercising late in the night can stimulate the body and it makes falling asleep more hard. In the night time you can do some relaxing exercising techniques such as mild stretching exercises and yoga which help in promoting good sleep.

 Set a good environment for sleep

Setting up a good environment for sleep plays an important role in promoting quality sleep. Some factors such as warm temperatures, loud and sudden noises, artificial lights etc. can affect the quality of your sleep. It is good to avoid artificial light at night time. Dark, cool and quiet room environment helps in getting better sleep.

You can use heavy curtains or blackout shades to block outside light. Keeping the room temperature below 70 degrees is good for a cool bedtime environment. You can keep the outside noises down by playing recordings of soothing music or sounds. Try to avoid loud alarm clocks as it is really stressful for your body to be awoken all of a sudden.

Many people have a habit of watching TV or using computer to relax at bedtime. But rather than relaxing, television programs stimulate your mind. So it is good to avoid watching TV late at night or using iPad or other portable electronic devices. And above all, make sure you bedroom is furnished with comfy mattress and pillow which provides complete relaxation features.

 Establish some good bedtime rituals

Developing a pre-sleep routine is good to promote a quality sleep. You can try some soothing bedtime rituals such as reading a book, listening to soft music or sounds, taking a hot bath, relaxation exercises and so on. Taking deep breath exercises can help you relax before bedtime. If you are a busy one who over thinks about next day’s tasks and plans, simply write down some short notes or reminders in a notepad before bedtime. It will help your mind relax and getting better sleep.

 How To Get A Restful Goodnight’s SleepAvoid Alcohol and Caffeine

Many of you think that drinking a glass of beer or wine will provide you with a relaxed mind and you can simply fall asleep. Alcohol drinks reduces your sleep quality and it will also make you awake till late night. It is good to avoid alcohol consumption before bedtime. It is also good to cut down caffeine as it works as a stimulant which can cause sleep issues. Similarly, it is good to avoid smoking before bedtime. Nicotine is also a good stimulant and it can keep you awake. In addition, it is good to avoid drinking too many fluids within few hours before bedtime. It may result in frequent bathroom usage and you have to wake up throughout the night.

Most of the people were suffering from occasional sleep problems. Though you may not be able to cope up with all the factors that cause difficulties in your sleep, you can follow some habits that can improve better sleep. You can achieve a restful sleep by practicing healthy sleep habits. But if you are having sleep problems often, you may need to consult a physician.

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