RISE and FALL of “love” Relationship!

Relationship is the most important need of our existence and we cannot imagine without the connections that we share with other humans. God has blessed humans with beautiful relations that brim with care, love and affection. Although every person is unique in some way or other and even their way of living varies yet we need each other to be complete, whole and worthy of this human life.

 Human life is like a tree; as a tree need earth, water, sunlight and other essential things for its survival; similarly, human need other people around them because they need to express their feelings, emotions and other aspects of behaviour. That makes any relationship worthwhile, positive and healthy if there is both-sided intention, trust and loyalty to grow this beautiful tree to its full swing!

When a person steps into relationship with the other person then they can’t think about only himself or herself alone as their actions, attitudes, priorities and mental set will play a vital role in his or her partner’s life as well. That is why it is very complex dynamism which gets activated on different levels and it might at times lead to complications, misunderstandings, disappointments and because of this, most of the people don’t go for a long term relationship, these days.

There are some dimensions that affect a relationship and most importantly it is clear intensions, interest and priorities of the partners. Yes, the more the relationship gets the front seat or top priority, less are the chances of it to dwindle even when the honeymoon period is over. It is when the emotional and psychological bonding of the two individual is tested. No doubt, the physical intimacy is also very important ingredients yet without the emotions, right feelings and love we cannot imagine any relationship to work.

In addition to this, Trust it is the biggest factor that affects a relationship. If there is trust then that relation can survive for longer period because it is base to a relationship or else that relationship will not remain for long. That’s why once the trust or belief in relationship is gone it leads to estrangement and bitterness in relationships. That is where efforts on both sides are needed and understanding can save a bond and even makes it stronger in the process.

If two people are able to understand what they expect from each other than only relationship can survive. Partners need to be mature and have clarity in their equation; otherwise, it will become a burden for both and there will be no scope of long terms commitment.

So if you are looking for developing a true and everlasting bond with your partner then you have to be honest, committed and also clear with your expectations. You need to strike a balance between your individual needs and your partner’s priorities. By communicating, sharing your true honest self you can in fact open the door to glorious partnership that can help you alleviate your fears, doubts and misunderstanding and take you towards a heavenly and blissful experience of intimate relationship!

Michael Fiore is a relationship expect, watch this video that is feature on The Rachael Ray Show about relationship.  

Michael Fiore (Relationship coach) on The Rachael Ray show

Michael Fiore (Relationship coach) on The Rachael Ray show

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