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The Secret

Many of you might have read “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, but how many of you have actually applied what they teach? I was reading one of the paragraph that mentioned about, before you go to bed at the end of the day, think through carefully what are the moments that did not go smoothly or not the way that you wanted. As you recap any events or moments that did not go the way you wanted, replay them inside your mind that really trigger you. As you re-adjust the moments that you want in your mind, you are actually cleaning up your frequency and emitting a new signal for tomorrow, that means you have forming new pictures for your future.

After reading this paragraph, I closed my book and recap the events that I did for the whole day. Well for example, I used to play  game from my mobile phone during the journey to work on train, it is so waste of time and not productive.

Today I changed. once I board the train, I start to read while on train. Guess what? I have discover more valuable knowledge in this 30 min


This is one of the most powerful exercise that you need in order to change and be successful in life.  You need to be grateful of what you have, be grateful when you have food to eat, be grateful you have clothes to wear, be grateful of everything you have. As soon as you start to think and feel differently of what you already have, you will definitely start attracting more good things to you. I say “Thank you” that I have train to work, I say “Thank you” that I have breakfast to eat, I say “Thank you” that I have a wonderful job. I have already said more that a hundred times of “thank you”

Why do we need to do this? Because if you feel ungrateful, all negative emotions will come to you, feeling of “not enough”, feeling of “jealousy”, feeling of “resentment”, feeling of “dissatisfaction”, all these feeling don’t bring you what you want.

gratefulI am grateful I see beautiful flowers blooming near to my working place. I feel grateful today weather is so perfect. After adjusting the “frequency” in my mind, I did feel so much happier.

I tend to smile more, stress reduced to zero, people smiling at me (I don’t look weird :p ), things going smoothly.




During work, my colleague tapping on my shoulder,”Hey look! he is proposing to that girl!” I turn around and saw this guy kneeling down, open a small little box (you know what it is) in front of that lady, I quickly take out the camera and hoping to take shot. Crap! I missed it. Only manage to took these few photos, but I feel grateful that I can able to see a sweet moment of a couple happiness.

proposalproposal of marriageproposal of marriage



Oh well, seems to be a successful proposal huh? Wish them happiness and luck!

Happy mood today. Get some ride on the jet ski and post.


gratitude of happiness


Thats all for today. Remember, be grateful of everything you have.


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