Sex Addiction

Talking about sex has always been taboo; much less admitting that one has a sex addiction. However, today more people are becoming less conservative and are talking openly about this condition to learn how to overcome it. The big question is, what causes sex addiction and what are the potential problems it may bring to an individual?

Studies have shown that sex addiction is a form of escapism when things tend to get difficult. However, it is a coping strategy that could turn out to be very preoccupying. Sex addicts may end up spending most of the time surfing the internet for pornographic materials. The constant urge and need to satisfy their craving would cause one to veer away from a normal life and this may lead to one isolating himself into a world of his own.

The common believe is that sex addiction begins because of a sexually related incident or issue. This however is not true. Sex addiction usually comes from the nature of addiction itself and addicts might feel a sense of helplessness. Men are normally viewed as the likely ones to becoming a sex addict. However, with the internet now being readily accessible, anyone could become a sex addict overnight. Although the nature of one having a high sex drive could also be one of the factors that would contribute to sex addiction, but it is not the main reason.

All is not lost for those with sex addiction. Just like all addictions, coming to terms that one is an addict is the first step to recovery. One must look at the reasons as to why one had become a sex addict. Going to therapy sessions where the patient will meet others just like them to support and encourage them to kick the habit will also help. The best way to treat sex addiction would be to seek professional psychiatric help to understand the basis of their addiction and from there to get the proper treatment from then onwards.

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