‘Stay calm’ and succeed with style

Most of the people feel that having a great IQ level is one of the basic necessity to succeed, after all IQ level symbolizes a person’s overall intelligence and intelligence is what makes the difference in a successful and unsuccessful person. However, it is pertinent to know that it is not just the IQ but the EQ level i.e. the emotional quotient of a person that determines his/her success graph. We as humans experience wide range of emotions every day, from happiness to excitement and from stress to anxiety. But it is actually the ability of a person to manage these emotions that makes him stand out of the crowd.

Today, we live in a world where everything is about making calculations and generating gains, there is cut-throat competition that gives one no scope to relax. All this hum-drum and rat race results into just one thing called ‘stress’. Stress is undoubtedly one of the most important emotions that are experienced by humans and many people even believe that it is the high level of stress and anxiety in their work that keeps them going. However in reality things are just the other way around because stress no matter related to work or personal life is never good for a person’s physical well being. In fact in a study conducted by Yale University, it was found that the existence of prolonged stress causes degeneration of one’s brain cells that actually play a major role in determining self-control of a person. Thus according to this study, the emotions of stress, if left uncontrolled can cause havoc on a person’s physical and psychological health.

stressIt is interesting to know that many people often credit their success to their stressed working conditions as they tend to perform better than their actual abilities under such conditions. Thus it is rather confusing to determine whether stress is good or bad for a person’s overall well-being and success parameters. In order to throw light on the same topic, University of California conducted a research that basically shows the relationship between stress and brain functioning. According to this research, stress is considered good for a person’s performance because the onset of stress leads to growth of new cells in brain which is a positive sign. However, the positive effects of stress can only be seen up to those levels where stress is under one’s control. As soon as the stress and anxiety cycles become prolonged and uncontrollable, they become harmful for a person and his professional success. Prolonged conditions of stress leads to development of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity and most importantly lack of attention and alertness and alert and attentive mind as we all know is extremely important of achieving professional excellence.

It has been found that the difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful one is not the amount of obstacles that each of them encounter, it is not even the amount of pressure and stress that they handle, it is in fact the amount of calmness and self-control that they exercise in tackling adverse situations. You all must have heard a quote ‘STAY CALM AND SUCCEED’ which is often used to motivate people. This quote is actually the mantra that successful people always keep in their mind in order to deal with routine stress and tension. There are in fact a number of strategies that successful people employ in order to fulfill their ambitions and achieve new heights in their life, some of which are listed below:

  •   Stay optimistic

Life is full of ups and downs, thus some days would come with amazing opportunities for you while the others will bring distress. However, it is pertinent to stay positive about yourself and your surroundings all the time in order to keep stress and anxiety under control. When a person stays positive and thinks about joyful moments even in times of distress, his brain functions in a better manner and mind remains alert. This is the reason why many successful people attribute their success and well-being to their positive attitude and thinking.

  • Appreciate the present

It has been observed that many people often ruin their present happiness in want of something bigger and better. While the truth is that the bigger and better would never come their way and they stay unhappy and stressed forever. Thus the best thing to do in life is to appreciate what you have, the things that you own and the people that you have in your life. Life is too short to resent your decisions but it is very long to express gratitude and thank people who support you. Many people who have climbed the ladder of success in a short duration of time believe that they appreciated everything they had in the past and this is probably the reason why god has bestowed them with his blessings.

  •  Keep the negativity away

Negative thoughts are bound to come in one’s mind especially when the professional life is in question. One may be reluctant about an important decision or may be fearful about the upcoming meeting but it is important for one to realize that these dilemmas must not be transformed into negative thoughts. Negativity of any kind is bad for your health- both professional and personal and thus one needs to put in a lot of efforts to stay away from negativity. Many successful people believe that negative thoughts are in fact just thoughts and have nothing concrete attached to them, thus when you think ‘worst’ or ‘bad’ about anything, you are just wasting your brain cells that can be employed on something constructive. In order to get rid of these negative thoughts, one can always take the help of a close friend or can even indulge in penning down all the thoughts. Penning down all the thoughts would help present a more practical situation in front of you and thus negativity would be easy to dodge.

  •   Take care of physical health

Stress and anxiety levels are referred to as the results of one’s ruined psychological health but it is pertinent to know that these conditions can often be the result of bad physical health. Sleep is considered to be utmost important in keeping stress under control because a proper sleep of 6-7 hours would refresh and re-energize one’s mind. The refreshed mind would be devoid of bad memories and moments of the previous day and all one would get is an amazing feeling of newness. The people compromising on their sleep for work often suffer from high levels of stress as sleep deprivation increases the stress hormone in a person’s body even if there is practically no reason to stress. Thus a good night’s sleep helps one stay calm and controlled under all kinds of situations.

Apart from sleep, food and drinking habits also determine the level of self-control that one can exercise. It is often quoted that spicy and fried foods lead to temperamental changes in a person and the person partaking them reacts aggressively. Similarly, caffeine intake is one such thing that alters one’s reaction patterns along with self-control ability. It has been found that caffeine one such substance that triggers the release of adrenaline in one’s body and this hormone produces a fight or flight response. The release of this hormone is good but only when you are being chased by a lion and not when conducting a meeting. Thus in order to exercise stress control and stay calm,

one must limit the use of caffeine.

  • stay calmTake a deep breath

You must have heard this phrase several times in your life but not many of us apply this mantra of staying calm in our lives unlike the people who’ve garnered success in different fields. Our mind is full of thoughts and something or the other is working in our heads all the time but one must be in possession of a clear head in order to take important decisions of life and business. This clear mindedness is achieved only when one is relieved of all the stress, worries and tension which is practically impossible but is spiritually possible by indulging into deep breathing. You are not asked to do meditation but a few minutes of pure and distraction-free breathing that has the ability to relax your brain and clear out temporary matters that’ll only pile up over a period of time. Indulging in a session of breathing would sound silly and stupid to many people out there but this one technique of clearing out your mind is definitely worth a try.

  •   Delegation is important

No one person is perfect and imperfection is what makes us human, thus it is impractical for a person to handle each and every task on his own. The most successful people in world are those who have the ability to take the best work out of others and not the ones that do all the work themselves. Thus one must recognize the importance of delegation and support systems if one wants to achieve success in their own respective area of expertise.

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