Five Steps to Accelerate Restful Sleep

“Early to bed and early to rise is the way to be healthy, wealthy, and wise” is an oft-repeated quote, but what does one do if sleep continues to remain elusive in spite of retiring to bed on time. Getting that beauty sleep is not a blessing that many enjoy given the vagaries of life these days. It must be noted that sleep is an important aspect for one’s overall well-being.

The problem that most individuals appear to be facing is not in getting sleep but rather the prolonged time it takes to reach the deep slumber stage. If tossing, turning around in bed, and an overworked brain appear to be a regular feature then here is some useful information to keep in mind to attain restful sleep rapidly.

Enrich the Sleeping Ambience

healthy tips to treat headacheDiscomfort within the bedroom is a major culprit for not attaining sleep. Making way for a perfect sleeping ambience obviously hastens the process of achieving sleep.

  • Ensuring a comfortable mattress to sleep on with a suitable pillow for your head is of prime importance for individuals looking to sleep faster. Warm, humid temperatures act as deterrents to the process of sleep hence one might consider the option of cooling mattresses. For stiff joints and aches plenty of orthopaedic mattresses make safe sleeping options.
  • The ventilation of the bedroom is something that would require keen perusal. Creating optimal room temperature for the body based on prevailing climatic conditions one is living in does help a great deal in reaching towards deep slumber faster. Thanks to technology we have useful devices in the form of air-conditioners, room heaters, humidifiers, boilers etc. to create perfect room temperatures for sleep.
  • The lighting of the bedroom is yet another aspect to be looked into. While bright lights are an absolute “no-no” when retiring to bed, fixing tiny night bulbs would be a good idea if total darkness is to be avoided. Wide varieties of dim LED and other types of bulbs are easily available so no dearth of choices.
  • Soothing Music is the mantra to a short nap! Time is limited while taking a power nap so tuning into some soothing and lilting music can be a great antidote to reign in the process of sleep. Owing to busy work schedules the employed in general are never able to make their afternoon siestas routine. However, even home-makers are finding it difficult to afford too much time for long durations during the afternoons. On the contrary a short nap or powernap appears to be a better alternative. It is short and sweet and does the job of rejuvenating one’s body and mind.
  • Relaxing before sleeping! Stretching out exercises, aroma therapy, meditation are few antidotes worth considering for achieving forty winks at a rapid pace. Drinking a warm glass of milk with a dash of honey at night or having some wine are again time-tested therapies for good sleep.

So no matter how challenging the day might have been, adopting measures as mentioned above will fast forward the process of restful sleep that you have been yearning for. I would appreciate if you can drop some comments below about this post. Cheers!


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