Things That Terrify All Men

It is a world renowned fact that women in general have a curious nature and are more expressive about themselves. Whereas the men are often mysterious, restrained and have a lot of things to hide about themselves. The curious woman wants to know what her boyfriend or husband is thinking all the time and the man always makes sure that his secrets remain secrets. Well friends, there is not an iota of doubt that men and women are essentially the two sides of a single coin, their existence without the presence of each other is unimaginable. They are bound to get attracted towards each other and initiate a relationship based on trust and love. A happy and contented relationship is a blessing and each one of us tries to achieve the same in our lives but there is a large part of population that finds themselves trapped in relationships full of lies and secrets.

What goes behind a man’s mind?

Better understanding of the person you live with or planning to start a life with is extremely important for keeping your relationship healthy. Generally it has been seen that it is the woman who takes charge of fulfilling all the responsibilities attached to a relationship and the man holds back for some reason for the other. Men are often expected to be strong, supportive, salaried, settled, respectful and humble etc. i.e. a lot is expected out of them and sometimes all these expectations make a man emotionally weak and terrified. Being afraid or terrified about life or some particular situation is not a bad thing, but there are a few things that terrify men in general and each man and woman must know what these fears are and what the best possible ways of overcoming them are.

Things that terrify men

  • things that men are terrifiedHaving sexual desires that are unacceptable

It is a renowned fact that men are more sexually active than women and want to indulge in sexual activity more often. But what most women don’t know is that men think about sex too often than they would ever imagine. Yes, women too want it but under certain conditions and circumstances. But men want it under every possible circumstance with every possible person and at all the times. All this may sound a little bizarre to all the women out there but it is true and even the men can’t help this feeling because their mind works like that only. The astounding fact about this psychology is that all men are aware that having such deep seated sexual desires are morally incorrect and their desires could even destroy their relationships. Every man is terrified of the fact that one day, the person he loves would know how selfishly he is behaving and would leave him forever. He knows that the things he has a fetish for are wrong or immoral in a certain way and the abrupt desires of indulging in sexual pleasures with just anyone and anywhere make men terrified to the core.


  • The fear of being weak and incapable

As said earlier, traditionally men are considered more strong, capable and tough than all the women out there. But one thing that is essentially hidden is that men get terrified by the fact that they are weak and incapable in comparison with other male members of the society. Each man, no matter what age group or class he belongs to have a desire to be the alpha male that is superior to each and every person he knows. A man with any weakness is often suppressed and insulted by his peers and family and this is the reason why men are terrified even by the idea of feeling weak and helpless. A man who knows that he is weaker than others has a tendency of developing depression and other ailments which is completely undesirable.

  • Am I earning enough?

Well, this is one question that terrifies every man out there. Men are often portrayed as the bread winner and money earner and have the responsibility of nurturing their family and kids. They are expected to be well settled, having different modes of income and a proper financial plan for their future. All these responsibilities somehow take the shape of pressures and when these pressures are not handled properly by the men, they transform into fears. Normally, a man with no emotional connectivity with the family or friends having financial stability is considered better than a man who is not settled but sensitive to other’s needs. Thus, the societal pressures keep on stressing a man’s emotional side and he just concentrates on earning money, after all he is born to do that. Such kind of circumstances terrifies men of all age-groups and societies and need to be dealt with lot of care and caution.

Dealing with fears of men

  • All the women need to understand that men are born this way and don’t have much control over their sexual desires, thus pressurizing them with fear of break-ups or divorce isn’t going to help at all. We recommend you to create a relationship that is based on transparency where you need to make believe your man that he is free to make any conversations with you, even if that involves sexual attraction towards other women. Other thing to take note of is that, women must tell their men that they are completely satisfied with the kind of physical relation they have as this would increase the man’s confidence in himself and the relationship you people have.
  • Instilling a feeling of confidence and self-belief is something that each women needs to do with his man especially when you know that he is feeling weak and incapable in comparison to others. Make sure that you have a healthy and interesting conversation with him in which you both discuss his work, pressures and the things that take a toll on his mind. Now when you are aware of the things that make him weak and wrecked, take a step forward and tell him that according to you, he is a strong person who has the capability of facing the worst situations. Also tell him that no matter how little he earns, he is capable of earning much more and would surely make that possible in times to come.

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