Testing Times For Men

Well we aren’t really talking about bad times that men usually have to face, we just want to highlight the fact that men in general are put under a lot of tests. Now who really puts ‘men’ under test, well no points for guessing that one- it’s most definitely the women out there. Men and women are inseparable and are in fact two sides of the same coin. Thus things like fireworks, attraction and chemistry are bound to happen when these two are together. It is a world renowned fact that no relationship is perfect and every relation has to go through its share of ups and downs. But there is one certain thing that has irritated and frustrated nearly every man in the world once in a while and that one thing is the relationship ‘tests’ he has to go through every now and then.

Women by nature are more emotional, loving and caring than men and thus they display similar attributes in a relationship as well. But beyond this loving and caring face, there lies a psychology and a typical mindset that is constantly thinking about testing their partner. These tests start from the initiation of the very first conversation you had with your girl and the funny part is that you don’t even realize the fact that she is testing you.

There are certain ways in which women test their men in general. The first phase of test is ‘playfulness’ where she is interested in you and might want you to take equal interest in her but without going down on your knees for her. Such tests can be a lot of fun because they would help you get closer to that woman but only when you pass all the tests she prepares for you. The second phase of test is ‘frustration’ where she is frustrated over something and wants to know how well you react to her even when she is not in her best of moods. She will shout on you or even begin unnecessary arguments but deep inside her head she wants you to behave relaxed and mature. The third type of test for a man begins when a woman wants to know how ‘perfect’ or imperfect you are for him. This test could comprise of several numbers of questions and each of your subsequent answer and act would determine your existence in her life.

testing time for menWhy do women test their men?

  • Women are generally more involved in a relationship then men and have a psychology that forces them to take improvement projects in hand- no matter that improvement relates to their home, décor, car or their partner. This urge for constant improvement and finding perfection within their partner literally forces them to test their men time and again.
  • Women want constant change while men like stability especially in their partners. Changing their man- his dressing style, hairstyle, eating habits and priorities etc. becomes a life mission for every woman and in order to achieve success in their mission they put their man under testing conditions.
  • A sense of insecurity is always considered healthy for every relationship but sometimes this insecurity takes a toll on woman’s mind and she starts throwing different tests for her man. For instance questions like ‘how do you like my friend?’, ‘you don’t love me anymore’ and ‘I don’t look that attractive now’ etc. start echoing your ears time again and you need to understand that a woman needs to find out whether you are actually involved with her or not.
  • It is often said that search for perfection never ends and so is the case of every woman. Several surveys and real life examples prove that most women get the partner that they’ve always desired to have but the same is not true for men. In reality, the chase never ends for men and the chase for perfection never ends for women. The search for perfection is the reason why women constantly put their men under testing conditions.

Best things to do under testing times

ü For Men

  • Men need to understand that women have an in-built system that constantly urges them to test their man and nothing is wrong with her intention. You need to accept her with all her qualities and flaws and this ‘testing nature’ is an essence of her very personality.
  • When a woman puts a man under a ‘test’, she actually wants to know whether you’ll be able to handle her perfectly or not. Her illogical questions and arguments are just to find out whether you are a strong person having a backbone or not.
  • The fact that a woman is interested in you or loves you is never undermined by the fact that she is constantly testing you, in fact it is a concrete proof that she wants to be with you. A woman who doesn’t put her man under tests can have either of these two things going in her head: either she is blindly and madly in love with you (which seems a little impractical as of now!) or she has lost her interest in you. So if she is testing you, feel lucky to have got that chance at least.

ü For Women

  • Forgive yourself for this behavior

It would be surprising for all the men to know that women actually get into a session of self-pity and feel guilty for testing their men constantly. So our advice to women would be to forgive yourself for this behavior as it is a part of your personality that you can’t get away with.

  • Keep your intuition and instincts under control

Women in general possess a power of intuition and they like relying on the same too often. Ladies, its’ good to have such a great blessing but don’t exploit your man because of your baseless instincts and intuitions. The fact that you feel a thing or other doesn’t make it a reality, so always keep your urge of testing him under control.

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