The Power Of The Mind

Learn how to harness the hidden power of your brain’s two separate hemispheres.

The left hemisphere of your brain controls logic, thought process and methods; the right sides controls artistic value, lateral thinking and creativity. Now, how should one put this knowledge to good use and take advantage of which side brain you are?

Left Brain Actions

Do The Impossible Task. Have you sometimes been asked to do something which was almost difficult or impossible to do that you have no idea how to go about doing it? Studies have shown that by taking deep breaths, one can increase their overall brain activity by 15 percent. This will allow the right side of their brain to relax while activating the left side to come up with a logical solution.

Supersonic Sense.

Listening plays a crucial part in enhancing your brain activity. Try listening to what people say with your right ear. This ear is the one that sends messages to your brain’s left hemisphere. However, do not take too much alcohol as this decrease your hearing ability by about 15 decibel which is almost the same as stuffing your ears with cotton wool. Stay off alcohol, listen on the “Right” side and you will never miss a good conversation ever again.

Creative Counsel

Have you ever had a “mental block” where you just can’t seem to come up with something creative? Try writing down ideas of what you want to do, walk away for about half an hour and then come back. By doing this, your brain’s “utility detector” which is in the left hemisphere will let you choose the best idea. This happens because this action activates both the creative and logical centre of your brain one after another.

Right brain Actions

Power of mindRight First Time

Sometimes you have a long list of instructions or a long message to pass down to your staff or friends. Try and talk to that person on his or her right side when you do so.

The purpose of doing this is because the right ear is linked to the left side of your brain which processes non-emotional information. By corking your hear to the left side when you are in a lecture, it will help you to retain information better.

Instant Success

Sometimes, one has to make a quick and decisive decision. By tapping the fingers of your right hand one can learn to make split-second decisions. Scientists in the US found that participants who did this for 45 seconds were less likely to make impulsive decisions they’d later regret.

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