Top 10 Amazing Realities about Cholesterol

Everything you need to know about cholesterol

Cholesterol has a bad reputation. The first thought that strikes mind when we hear about cholesterol is that something is wrong with the heart.  And to add burns to the injury it is also true that you don’t need to eat it, your liver churns out enough of it every day.  The liver has the ability to produce about 1,000 milligrams of cholesterol per day which is necessary to build cells in our body. However, we voluntarily add cholesterol to our bodies by eating certain foods containing fats such as red meat and eggs.

But there are many other facts about which we are unaware. Let us go through them from these 10 tips to have knowledge what this medium lettered word possesses in itself.

No.1 Word ‘Cholesterol’ is not a disease:

Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance that is produced in our body. Our diet, age, and habits decide whether it will be high or low. Cholesterol is like any other substance being produced in our body and being deposited for whichever part they are made for. When the level of cholesterol varies from the required quantity in the body it becomes a disease which results in the chronic diseases like heart attack in early age.  So cholesterol word cannot be termed as a disease as cholesterol is required for development of brain cells of the body.

No.2 Small bumps on the skin:

The symptoms for high Cholesterol can be seen on the body specially near the eyelids on the upper as well as lower side as plain as the nose on your face, showing up on the skin as reddish-yellowish bumps. Though it may be due to some other health problem also but due to high cholesterol they are formed on the body and can appear on elbows, knees, joints and hands.

No.3 Low Cholesterol is also dangerous:

High cholesterol is bad, but very low cholesterol is also unhealthy. Doctors recommend that you keep your total cholesterol under 200 mg/dL approximately.  However, below a certain level—generally 160 mg/dL—low cholesterol can cause risks to your health including cancer and depression.  Pregnant women with low total cholesterol are more likely to give birth prematurely.

No.4 Cholesterol can be Hereditary:

Seems surprising but its true. One of the reasons of inculcating cholesterol as a disease in you is your hereditary genes. So if either of your parents is exposed to the disease of cholesterol, you stand high chances of getting the same. Usually the elder child is more prone to hereditary effect. But its known from ages that hereditary factor palpates from any parent to any child.

Top 10 Amazing Realities about CholesterolNo.5 Weight Loss can improve:

Weight loss can help in improving the cholesterol levels. Weight loss is directly linked with lowering blood pressure and blood sugars. The right level of sugar and blood pressure can also help in controlling the high cholesterol and balancing it if on lower side. So start working to shed those extra pounds today so as to regulate every substance formed in the body.

No.6 Cholesterol ‘Free’ foods are not actually ‘Free’:

It is something which cannot be produced from plants or the greens. Cholesterol is the product of liver. So it forms by the consumption of animal related foods such as meat, eggs, milk etc. Some products available in the market highly proclaim that the foods are cholesterol free. But before buying ensure that the level of fats, saturated, unsaturated fats also goes at normal levels. The cholesterol’s combination with the fats is highly dangerous for your health. So carefully read the ingredients list and nutrition labels to ensure the authenticity.

No.7 Fats add the level:

The cholesterol required by our body cells is produced in our body with the help of nutrients that we consume daily. The level of cholesterol can take an upper shift if we are in regular consumption of saturated and Trans fats. The junk and oily foods are the storehouse of all these types of unsaturated fats. As these are hard to digest by the body it directly attacks the cholesterol levels of the body and takes them to the level above than the normal level.

No.8 Foods high in starch and Fiber can lower down the cholesterol:

Foods namely bread, pasta, oats, bran, dry peas, dry beans, cereals, fruits, vegetables are said to be high in starch and fiber. The starch works as a resistant to high cholesterol. Fiber is a contributor of vitamins and minerals to the body. There is no space for cholesterol to palpitate in a healthy body. These foods should not be consumed with any sort of fatty toppings such as butter and sauces. These low fat foods can be a great booster in lowering your cholesterol levels.

health tips on cholesterolNo.9 High Cholesterol can be Inevitable:

Though some people take it as casual as any other disease namely blood pressure and sugar, it should not be! It is a fact that diseases like imbalanced sugar and BP levels can be cured with a daily tablet but High cholesterol can’t. You have to work out for it and that is only its medicine. Improve your schedule, give time to physical exercises and build a habit of walking. High cholesterol has been the reason of early deaths. So get yourself out of the unhealthy zone and spare some time for yourself.

No.10 Nuts can lower it:

All nuts are not equal but yes some hold a special position. Nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, walnuts, pecans and peanuts which are termed as leguminous are healthy for heart. It’s beneficial to consume them bare as the artificial loading on them makes them harmful.  The salted, sweetened, roasted or chocolate coated nuts do not match with the natural plain ones. Because nuts are rich in protein, fiber, antioxidants and minerals they are termed as ideal snack food. So use them raw and plain as a topping on your salads or pastas and note the difference.

These ten facts can add to your knowledge of cholesterol. These may make you more cautious and can also lax your mind if you get in tune with these facts. So try your level best to build a healthy cholesterol profile by taking timely precautions.

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