Top 10 Harmful Nervous Habits

Nervous habits describe repetitive movement or activities of a person. These habits are more irritating to the people around you than to yourself.  You may be prone to them or have noted these in your circles. Read on to know how silently these can be harmful for your priceless health.

#1.  Biting your nails:

when you bite your nails not only the shape but also the skin surrounding the nail gets inflamed. The germs in the nails directly enter our mouth causing the problem in oesophagus as well as stomach. It is difficult to get rid of this habit. Also due to lack of calcium the nail are not so strong and therefore are cracked on single bite. This very habit shows lack of confidence in a person. To get rid of this irritating habit one should always keep one’s hands and nails clean.

Health tips to Give up smoking#2.  Smoking:

Some persons smoke because they think that it calms them down. Smoke has a content of Nicotine in it and it increases the level of dopamine which is a feel good hormone. But it do not lasts very long as smoking is the cause of many respiratory problems and lung cancer.

#3.  Clenching and Teeth Grinding:

Some people manage to move the top and bottom teeth together. This activity demonstrates the stress. Grinding usually happens during the night which leads to wearing down of teeth. When we switch our levels of sleep during the cycle of sleep is active, teeth have a natural ability to grind. But excessive grinding leads to harmful effects. During the day people clench their teeth. This also shows anxiety and anger. But due to this some ligaments loosen their binding and the strength of teeth shatters gradually.

#4.  Changing Posture of legs continuously:

while thinking some serious matter, unknowingly people cross or uncross their legs. While you are sitting with crossed legs, the weight of body shifts to one side instead of being distributed among bones. It also makes you bend down a little. If the crossed legs are forwarded towards table it is a better posture and if they are under the chair it can lead to cervical problem. It can lead to neck and back problems along with headache and skeletal problems. We usually feel very relaxed in this posture but we are unaware that it may lead to health hazards.

#5.  Knuckle Cracking:

this nervous habit is a deliberate one. People have a regular habit of cracking knuckles. This habit as noted and tested by various institutions leads to disorders of wrist and elbow. This can also lead to joint pains.  This habit is due to the formation of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide gases in the fluid present in knuckles and the sound comes when these dissolved gases escape on pressing which very much resembles the sound of a gas balloon bursting.

health tips about avoid bad habits#6.  Sucking of Pencils and Pens:

the mouth is the widest area in our body from which germs enter the body. While being preoccupied in the work, we tend to nibble the ends of pens and pencils directly in our mouth. The pencil contains lead content and pens have a layer of plastic which are laden with germs. It can result into problems of acidity and stomach infection. It has rare chances to cause tooth decay also.

#7.  Chewing Gum:

The Gums are not as healthy as it taste. Excessive chewing of these gums leads to overuse of jaws making the mouth muscles weak. Gums also leads to weakening of cheeks and stretch them in. while chewing gums excessive air is taken in due to which problems of gassy stomach takes birth and leads to digestive problems. The artificial sweetener relaxes the mood for a while but this light gum becomes a weight on your health later on.

#8.  Rubbing and Touching Face frequently:

people have a habit of touching or rubbing the sides of nose towards the eye frequently. A sensation arises in them to touch their face. Some also sleep with hands on face. These all habits lead to blackening of pores present on skin. The pores are unable to breathe and intake oxygen which ultimately results in red bumps, black spots and acne. The dirt sticks to the face and stay inside due to closed pores. The skin of face is the softest of all the other skins of your body. This skin is rubbed with germs laden fingers and become the ultimate reason of skin problems.

#9. health tips Pulling and twirling Hairs:

Say it your habit or a charm, girls usually develop a habit of twirling their hairs. May be in the illusion of getting curly hairs or due to any other reason this twirling is actually proceeding towards hair damage. This movement in hairs can lead to unintentional pulling of roots permanently due to which the hair will not grow again and leads to patchy baldness. The hairs are damaged and the roots are softened causing untimely breakage of your hairs. This obsessive hairs twirling can also lead to hair infections.

#10.  Cracking Your Neck:

While sitting and competing an assignment people has a habit to crack their necks on either left of right side. This sensation arises because the backbone was in still position consistently and the neck was bending towards the table or some other support. The formation of gases and their escaping gives rise to a popping sound which is easily audible. This very action provides a sudden relief to the constantly still neck but can lead to sudden injuries. The neck may get stiff in one direction. It can also lead to aging of joints and can be a cause of arthritis.

Since these habits are deliberate and intentional, one cannot blame other for developing such habits but stressful circumstances make their effect more intense making them harmful for your health. So it’s suggested that if you have developed any of such habit its time to be little attentive to get rid of them.

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