Top 10 Health Benefits of Beer

Health benefits of beer you might not even know 

Imagine if the beverages which are advised not to be consumed can prove beneficial. Every thing has some unique properties which are a mixture of the ones be in your favor or against. The inhibit secret is how you adapt it in your life style.  Some things are not as bad as they are made due to their over and untimely consumption. Based on these varying facts here below are presented ten reasons to justify that consumption is beer is not bad for your health.

#1. Increases the Top 10 Health Benefits of Beerlongevity:

Beer is the beverage that is referred to be suitable for moderate drinkers. Moderate drinkers are those who are not too much drunk and even not who are teetotalers. They come in between them. It is not even advisable to be a teetotaler as drinks contain certain ingredients which are necessary to be consumed with the changing hormonal structures. And too much drinking is certainly not advisable owing to the repercussions. Moderate drinking is the best practice which is believed to provide longevity to the life.

#2. Richey Rich in Vitamin ‘B’:

B for Beer and B for Vitamin B. The consumption of Vitamin B decreases the chances of heart attack and replenishes the protein content in the body. Beer is rich in Vitamin B as compared to wine and that is why it is highly recommended after some physical exercises say a football match. It replenishes all the minerals lost in sweat. Also it keeps the body hydrated due to which it lowers the risk of developing a kidney stone in the body

#3. Prevent fracture and Cholesterol:

Unlike wine beer don’t rust your bones. The presence of silicon in high levels is good for bone density. It helps in building strong bones making them more dense and hard and thus preventing you from fractures. Beer does not have cholesterol of its own therefore it will certainly not increase your cholesterol levels. In addition to that it can tilt your HDL/LDL cholesterol ratios. Beer helps in keeping the HDL levels up which is termed as a good cholesterol.

Benefits of Beer#4. It’s fully natural:

No preservatives are added to the mug of your brewery. It is as natural as milk or any fresh juice. Beer is made up of four ingredients namely water, barley, hops and yeast. Yeast helps in fermentation of barley bread. After that it is just cooked and filtered and packed. Alcohol and hops are said to be the natural preservers and that is why it do not need to be loaded with artificial preservatives.

#5. Beer boosts your confidence:

Since it is high on energy levels it plays a great deal in boosting the level of confidence. Beer softens the temper and cheers the spirit. Various studies have found that person after consuming beer has imbibed in themselves positive self evaluations which have direct effect on confidence levels.

#6. Cleaner than the local water:

the water used in beer is boiled number of times and that is the reason that beer is free of water impurities. The local or tap water supply in your homes is not free from germs and therefore filtering of water is recommended. Moreover all the brands of beers are certified by the testator authorities and therefore there is an assurance that it do not carry any symptoms of water borne diseases.

#7. Combats cancer:

Since hops is one of the ingredients of beer it is said to possess a flavonoid named xanthohumol. This acts as an antioxidant in the body and thus produces the atoms which are highly potent. These helps in combating the cancer producing enzymes in the body. The enzymes which are responsible for making cancer prolong takes rebirth. Beer helps in production of antioxidants which increases the resistance of the body and combat against any enzymes. Its capability works against birth of these enzymes and therefore the enzymes are vanished fully.

what will affect the body weight#8. No Beer bellies:

There are wine bellies but no beer bellies. Due to high sugary content and tendency of cardiovascular diseases wine is harmful to health. Wine can make you obese due to its ingredients and method of preparation. But contrary to that beer does not have all these and therefore no bellies. Beer is low on sugary content and cholesterol tendencies and therefore it do not increase the intake of calories in the body and contain only digestive fats.

#9. Prevent diabetes:

Beer is low on alcohol content as compared to wines. Due to it’s this quality it lowers the chances to have diabetes. As it is low on sugar level it keeps the level of blood sugar at moderate level. The people who are in habit of consuming wine not only have high sugar levels but also the chances to diagnose the diabetes in their body are less. Beer saves you from such instances if it is consumed appropriately in right quantities.

#10. See Clearer:

An apple keeps a doctor away, we all have heard this. But the new buzz of the town is that Beer keeps an eye doctor away. Researches have proved that by consuming beer the chances to have cataract decreases. Beer gives birth to antioxidants that work best for health of eye. It removes the chances of development of cataract in an eye. The cataract is formed in eye due to weakening of eye muscles and vanishing of capacity of eye to make tears.

Beer works against all such odds and strengthens the muscles of eyes making them see brighter and shiny. Thus beer are said to possess many benefits. But the benefits will be actually beneficial for you only if consume it in right manner and quantity. As we all know that excess of everything is bad and the same suits for beer too. Whether a thing will work in your favor or against you is well judged by the manner in which you handle it. What is at stake is your life so beware of the quantum of consumption of all such beverages.


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