Top 10 Important Tips Know-Hows About YOGA

Yoga has gained immense popularity in recent times, thanks to more and more celebrities practicing and promoting this gentler form of exercise. Owing to its innumerable health benefits, yoga is considered as one of the best workouts that help in connecting the mind and the body as well as providing strength and flexibility to the muscles. It soothes and relaxes the mind and helps combat various stressful situations with ease which acts as a blessing in today’s chaotic atmosphere. It is one of the easiest ways to bring about positive changes in our thoughts as well as our lives and thus, practicing this artistic exercise adds a general feel good factor to our lives.

If you haven’t yet tried your hand at this amazing form of exercise, it’s never too late. Shun away all your fears and apprehensions and get going to a yoga class. As every exercise requires certain instructions and rules to follow, so does yoga. So it is always wise to attend yoga classes with a professional and experienced instructor before working out on your own.

As a beginner, you need to get accustomed to the different posesand styles of yoga as wrong techniques can do more harm than good.

Even before you attend your first yoga class, there are a few points from our Top 10 health Tips to remember to help you make the most of your yoga teacher’s lessons.

yoga health benefitsTips #1: Say no to baggy clothes:

Yoga requires you to attain certain postures and follow specific moves, so baggy and loose clothing materials like sweatpants or sweatshirts can cause hindrances in the delicate movements. The instructor needs to observe your form and guide you towards the perfect pose and hence, it is recommended to wear comfortable clothes that fit your body nicely.

Tips #2: Things to carry along:

Though many institutes provide all the required materials for yoga, it is always wise to keep yourself prepared. So take along your own yoga mat, towel and water bottle to avoid any inconvenience.

Tips #3: Eat light:

Most yogic postures require bending, twisting or folding and thus, having a heavy meal beforehand will lead to a lot of discomfort and prevent you from following the moves accurately apart from hampering the bodily functioning. It is preferred to eat light almost an hour before your yoga session for adequate energy as well as a comfortable body for practice.

Tips #4: Silence please:

As yoga requires concentration and focus on breathing to connect the body and the mind, do not take along anything that makes noise or can be a source of interruption. Switch off your mobile phones before entering the class and maintain the serenity of the place.

Tips #5: Do not hesitate:

Being a first time learner, doubts and confusions are bound to creep into your mind. Do not hesitate to ask your yoga teacher to clear your doubts or assist you in attaining a pose. Moreover, if you have certain medical issues or concerns that could limit your performing ability, discuss it openly with your instructor so as to find an appropriate solution and modify the move according to your health condition.  Also, communicate with the teacher if you are not comfortable being touched or holding a certain posture.

Tips #6: Don’t worry about your flexibility:

Never avoid yoga just because you think you are not flexible enough to acquire those poses. The purpose of yoga is to make you flexible and your instructor will ensure you achieve the same. Warm up stretches and certain preliminary practices will help you gain momentum and instill confidence in you. Do not feel embarrassed by initial failures or challenges as yoga requires patience and dedication to become an expert at it. And don’t forget that everybody starts as a beginner, and it is only the mental determination that will sail you through the initial rocky waves.

Tips #7: Know the equipments:

Some of the common equipments used in yogic practices are yoga block, pillows, blanket and a strap. Getting familiar with these equipments will help you handle and gain control over them easily and make the learning process a comfortable experience. While the block and the blanket help in providing support to your body during different moves, the strap helps you in stretching more deeply thereby, improving your flexibility.

10 yoga health benefitsTips #8: Overdoing it is dangerous:

It is quite common among beginners to over practice the yogic sessions in order to obtain quicker and better results. However, it is not conducive to your health as excess practice can deplete your body’s energy as well as fatigue your mind. Pushing yourself to achieve maximum result in the minimum possible time can take a toll on your health and cause adverse effects. Give your body the deserved rest to regain strength and balance to enjoy and love this beautiful form of healing.

Tips #9: Go step by step:

In order to outdo others or satisfy one’s own ego, one tends to jump quickly to difficult and harder poses ignoring the structure and capability of his/her body. Being overambitious and practicing too hard can injure your body and reduce your flexibility, balance and strength. Hence, do not compare yourself with others and follow your body to realize its limitations and gradually, expand its boundaries to feel the essence of yoga.

 Tips #10: Enjoy the experience:

Appreciate your efforts and the decision to perform this incredible form of exercise and enjoy the journey towards tranquility of body and mind. Being a beginner is a blessing in disguise as there are no preconceived notions or expectations regarding your body and this positive outlook helps in achieving results beyond your imagination and you will be surprised to accomplish poses you never even dreamt of. Enjoy being a beginner and explore your abilities to expand your horizons and experience the benefits of this life changing healing art form.

Yoga is all about feeling and accepting yourself and if your session had a soothing and calming effect on you leaving you yearning for more, you are in the right hands and can be assured of a soulful journey towards peace and contentment.

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