Top 10 Misconceptions That You Might Have Towards Sex

Misconceptions towards sex that you might not known.

Sex is one of the most serious as well as most controversial of all topics that concerns everyone from a teenage to an octogenarian. That is the reason it is quintessential to seek right information and guidance pertaining to the Sexual health so that we can get rid of the myths and misconceptions that might adversely affect our sex life and health.

Here, we are presenting you 10 most common misconceptions regarding sex:

Top 10 Misconceptions That You Might Have Towards SexMyth 1: Having periods guaranties that unsafe sex won’t lead to pregnancy

You can’t get pregnant in a period that happens to be biggest myth that is present from long period of time. Fact is, chances of getting pregnant are very less while periods but it can happen especially if safety measures are not used like condoms and birth controlling pills. Many women have extended periods and that overlaps with start of ovulation. Hence it can be fertile for the released sperms inside vagina.

Another situation when un-wanted pregnancy can happen when you had sex in later stages of periods and sperms are ejaculated inside vagina. These sperms can live up to 72 hours and can fertilize new egg after completion of period.

Myth 2: IDU machines are not safe at all for pregnancy control

Many people believe that IDU devices are not safer for early age people specially adolescents. But that is false information and most of the people have faith in it. These machines can prevent 100% pregnancy for up to 12 years and is safe for all ages if they are having sex on regular basis and don’t want to use pills for birth controls.

These pills are detrimental for body because of harmful steroids and strong chemicals used in it. Another fact about these pills is that they can effect reproduction system and cause serious problems related to pregnancy. That is why these IDUs are safest way of avoiding unwanted pregnancy.

Myth 3: Cleaning vagina manually with douche is best for sexual health

There are plenty of female population believes that cleaning vagina with douche is safest and best for sexual health and hygiene. But this myth is utterly wrong because vagina has its own self-cleaning process which occurs in every month. According to NATIONAL WOMEN’S HEALTH INFORMATION CENTER using douche for cleaning vagina causes more damage than help. There is a natural bacterium found in vagina that helps to keep it clean and healthy. Using douche can deteriorate these bacteria and spread many diseases like infection and other problems into tubes, uterus and ovaries.

Other fact about it is that it don’t protect against STD as well as increases chances of getting pregnant by pushing semen farther into vagina and cervix.

10 tips healthy sexMyth 4: Fat people cannot have healthy sex life:

Having a good sexual life is not bound with physical appearances. Fat people do enjoy lot many positions to enjoy sex and to have healthy sex life. It is certainly a myth that they cannot have pleasurable and satisfying sex life.

Myth 5: Two condoms are better than one

While having sex people think that using two condoms are sure shot way of saving themselves from STD and pregnancy. This is not right in fact using one condom with all right instructions are 99% reliable and efficacious product to control pregnancy and protecting form sexually transmitted diseases. Indubitably, condoms are better options for practicing safe sex and avoiding unwanted pregnancy.

Myth 6: Using alternative sexual options is safest rather than vaginal sex to avoid STD

People have notion that if they can have ‘oral’ or ‘anal’ sex without any protection and they are safe from STD. That is not true at all, in fact there are still lot of chances of getting almost all kinds of infections specially STD. Therefore using these alternatives don’t ensure that you are safe from these transmittable diseases.

Myth 7: Bigger size of private parts shows you are men

This is very common among guys that they always talk about size of their penis and take it as sign of manhood but that is not true. People who have good sexual experience confirm that satisfactory sex life is more than the size of their genitals. It’s about commitment and honesty towards companion and doing it with emotions that makes it heavenly and gratifying.

best for sexual healthMyth 8: Men are always ready for sex but women don’t have similar intentions

Numerous women believe that men are always ready to go for sex with anyone 24/7 without any break. Actual fact is men experiences daily fluctuations in libido of the same kind that women do. There are many things that have an effect on sexuality of men equally compared with women and these are level of desire, diets, sleep, health, stress, medical conditions, self confidence, relationship disharmony and loyalty. All these are major factors that influence desire of sex for both sexes.

Myth 9: Using public toilets can lead to STD

One of the biggest myths that go among people is that they will get infection of STD if they are going to share wash-rooms. Myth indicates that STD infected viruses can live outside body and especially on toilet seat because its cold, water is there and its surface is hard. This false statement has hampered behaviour of all people towards others and they never use public rest room in restaurants, railway stations and other places.

There are chances of some skin infections while coming in contact of toilet but nothing more can happen.

Myth 10: Noise making is the sure sign of sexual pleasure:

Many people, especially men believe that noise, shouts are the sure sign of sexual pleasure in women. There have been many studies which reveal that that many women just fake it in order to please the partner. That does not mean that all the noises, shouts and screams are false, they might be genuine ecstatic experiences but that all depends form individual to individual. There are many couples who have silent and pleasurable love making sessions.

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