Top 10 myths of so called “balanced diet” busted!

Myths of a balanced diet you don’t even know about!

There are so many nutritional based myths present in our society. Many of them are studied by the scientists and come to conclusion that these are only myths and they don’t have any reality base to it. Here is the list of 10 most popular myths prevailing that are busted for you once and for all!

Myths of a balanced dietMyth 1# Poultry products are big no-no in weight loss program

Eggs are very beneficial for human body and are used frequently in bunch of the food products like cakes, sandwiches etc. The aroma of egg gives food items totally different taste and this is wholesome food for our body. Meat also helps to re-tone your muscles but it doesn’t put on weight on your body if you use it intelligently. Therefore, these food products will never increase your weight; instead of it these will give you balanced diet so you can reduce more without exhausting you completely.

Myth 2# Nutritious diet should contain raw vegetables rather than cooked vegetables:

Many people believe that raw vegetables are far better than cooked ones. This is also a big myth as raw vegetables may contain parasites and different types of bacteria reside on and in it or come along the vegetable. There also can be pesticides spread over them in order to save these vegetables from pests. If you are eating them in raw form then you are calling for trouble. On the other hand if you will cook these vegetables in heat and high temperature will destroy bacteria from vegetables. So choice is yours you want to eat vegetables with or without bacteria.

Myth 3# Balance diet should not contain MSG:

Usually people believe that MSG is really harmful chemical that gives our body permanent damages and these are incurable. This is completely false statement as MSG can be utilized for better health if we consume it in lesser amount. From the past it had been used to maintain nice taste and it is not injurious to health.

10 Myths of a balanced diet

Myth 4# Soy products are better than dairy products:

There is very wrong information related to dairy products. Many people say that soy products are better than dairy products. This is total stupidity of people who don’t know the reality as it is scientifically proven that milk is the only food item that contains  all the vital proteins, minerals, vitamins which no other food can provide us. Product like cheese, butter etc. can survive for longer period of time and they are the rich source of foodstuff that contains lot of good fat, protein, vitamins and minerals. These are totally beneficial for us because these products have its own flavors, aroma, and texture with the quality of all necessary things. Thus we can say it is wholesome food item that is really beneficial for our body.

Myth 5# Eating more fiber is good for health and fitness:

Yes, all people know that fibers are good for our body but if we are in taking lot more fiber than our body needs it can create lot of difficulties. Fiber helps to burn fats but if there are no fats on the body than fiber can affect the efficiency of muscles. Therefore eating more and more fibers will not help you in improving your health

Myth 6# Fat intake leads to weight gain:

Yes, this statement is right to some extent but not 100% accurate. There are two types of fats one is unsaturated fats, other is saturated fats. If you are dealing with the unsaturated fats, then you need not to worry because these fats are good for our body and they can burn easily by little bit of exercise. On the other hand if you are taking lot of saturated fats you are in deep trouble as these types of fats are not easy to remove from the body and these fats can become root cause to lot many diseases like heart problems and so on.

health tips on Nutritious dietMyth 7# Intake of excessive Protein diet can weaken our bones:

There is another gigantic myth that intake of protein diet can weaken our bones which is all together wrong. Protein is essential thing for our body because it makes our muscles stronger. It doesn’t have any serious effect on the body; especially to the bones. In fact, it can help to improve upon our health as our muscles work more than other body parts.

Myth 8# Brown sugar is a better choice than normal sugar:

Many of us believe that brown sugar is better than normal sugar which is wrong. It is very much controversial because in both the cases there will be lot many calories consumed by us. It can lead us towards problems like, increased amount of sugar in blood which is not a good sign for health as it stops the blood cells to repair the damaged parts of our body. In short if we take sugar no matter brown or white it has similar repercussions.

Myth 9# Vegetable oils are essential:

Vegetable oils are not essential for us because it contain saturated fats that are not good for our health. These can cause us problems like blood pressure etc. if we eat lot of vegetable oil that also takes us towards diseases. On the other hand olive oil is the best oil that is good for our body. It is the only oil that we can eat without any hesitation as it revitalizes our body and helps to remove health problems.

top 10 health tips on Myths of a balanced dietMyth 10# Fruit diet can slim you down:

Fruits are the best diet that is true but if you are betting this diet will slim you down then you are totally mistaken here. Many fruits contains high amount of calories and sugar that can trigger the weight gaining process of our body. Therefore, having only fruit in diet is very good and luxurious but having a thought that it will not make an impact on our weight is sheer foolishness.   Thus, you should see all the aspects of your diet and don’t believe on the myths as they can mislead you and can disturb your health on permanent basis.


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