Top 10 Myths of Shedding Extra kilos / Pound

Myths that are highly believed and practiced by the most of us for losing weight

The perfect and well-shaped body is desired by all. Everybody tries his level best to achieve the same. But amidst this journey we fall prey to many myths which can affect our health adversely. So it is very important to be aware of those myths to save one from unnecessary repercussions in future. Here we have brought for you such 10 myths and the realities about the fictions.

Starve and get half:

Starving is very common practice noticed among all the weight losers. But it’s all misconception. Starving and giving up food can help you lose weight in short term but its not acceptable for long term. By starving you decrease the energy level of your body by depending upon less quantity of foods. This kind of diet chart is something which we can’t carry in the long run and ultimately our body gets away from them. Due to this reason whenever you start consuming them again you have a high tendency to gain weight.

Slimming Supplements can help:

Every time you take a round of the departmental store or even your trainers advise to consume these supplements which can make you slim within some days. But beware of all these supplements. They can be the worst to your health. These can make your immune system weak and more prone to diseases. They should be consumed in the quantity as prescribed by your biologist.

what will affect the body weightIt’s the Genes Game:

The person whose hierarchical background is heavy on weight has undoubtedly genetic reasons for gaining weight. But these genes are not responsible for keeping you heavy. It is basically the genes which will decide your body shape and structure but not the weight. Many studies have proved that people with such genes has a tendency to shed weight earlier than others by rigorous workout.

Eating & Exercising go hand in hand:

People have a view that eating but exercising along will keep you slim. But this is a myth unfortunately. Exercise can only maintain your body weight if you are consuming calories and fats in tandem to the workout.   This doesn’t hold true in cases that you keep on consuming lots of fats and exercise very less in proportion to them. The calories not burnt have a tendency to increase your weight.

Say a strict No to Snacking:

We tend to follow a diet chart whereby we consume only the basic meals and that too in lesser quantity. This is because we believe that if we consume snacks in between we will put on extra weight. But the actual situation is quite contrary to it. If you develop a habit of eating between the meals it can help to build your metabolism strong. This will make you feel less hungry at the time of meals and you will eat less. Moreover it will keep you high on energy levels. What wrong we commit on our part is to consume the fatty things as a snack. One should not take up chips and fried elements as a snack. Oat meals, beans should be consumed as a snack.

Magical foods can do magic on your body:

People have thinking that by consuming some foods the magic can happen to shape their body. Consuming grape fruit is believed to be the burner of fat. But this doesn’t hold true. It’s actually the dietary fibers that can give you satiety and therefore decreases the span of time to make you feel hungry. The only magic to get slim is to work according to the set up and lifestyle of your body.

The same diet charts works for all:

There is a common mistake that most of the people do. People believe that the diet chart provided to the other person will work for him too. But it’s not true. If one person is given some diet charts or supplementary as advised by doctor then it’s given according to his physical structure and lifestyle. The person who has lot of mental work to handle during the day has a different diet chart than a person who has a routine of physical involvement. A sports person has a different diet chart than a techie; therefore it’s high time to overcome this myth.

Foods labeled ‘low fat’ or ‘reduced fat’ are always a healthy choice:

We many times become our own dieticians by buying all that stuff that is supposed to be labeled as low on fats. Out of our anonymity and lack of knowledge we fail to notice that low on fat doesn’t mean low on sugar and carbohydrates too. Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats should be included in your meals even if you are on diet. What must be avoided are saturated fats. Therefore it is very important to consult a known person before depending on these products.

fiber black rice healthy eating - losing weightCarbohydrates are bad:

Carbohydrates can be bad if they are consumed with the wrong foods. For instance even fried starchy foods are high in carbohydrates and are not good for health. But if we see the other side of it the carbohydrates are also found in brown rice and whole wheat breads. The brown rice is a very advisable food during the diet times. Also fruits have a considerable amount of it but they are highly advisable. So its not that carbohydrates are bad, it’s just that our method to consume them is wrong.

Drinking Water can lose fat:

The consumption of water does not make you lose weight but it keeps you hydrated. If you feel hydrated then you feel less hungry. But water has no direct connection with your weight. This can also lead to extra snacking at times when thirst is mistaken to be hunger. So stay hydrated to maintain your body level of water.

These were the top ten myths that are highly believed and practiced among the weight losers. If you are pondering or practicing any of it then just develops a new mindset for yourself. Your thinking shapes your persona. It’s necessary to lose weight to combat many diseases but surely not on the cost of your precious health.

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