Top 10 Nude Reckonings of the Sleep Deprived

nakedHealth Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

Aah, there’s nothing like a lovely cool bed to look forward to after a hot-and-bothered day at work. You come home with the worst of your day behind, take a warm shower, chow down some pasta with alfredo accompanied with two hours’ worth of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Then it’s time to turn in, so you pad to your closet, pull out a holey shirt and track pants, and flop down for the night.

Suddenly you realize that you’ve actually gone and put on weight during the past month because your drawstring is cutting into your stomach. The thought depresses you, and there’s nothing to be done but to turn over on the most comfortable part of your body and welcome the deep abyss of nothingness. Anyway, what CAN you do? Sleep naked? Ha, there’s no chance of that ever happening!

Or is there? Maybe you could just slip everything off. You could lie comfortably in bed in nothing except your skin. It’d be something daring, something so ridiculous that you could just do it. Glory in nothing, feeling everything.

Deviating from the lascivious route, the point is that by sleeping in the nude, you’re getting some of that freedom we all so desperately crave for. To throw off society’s shackles, to doing whatever you like – getting a tattoo, going wild and wasted at a party, taking a road trip to the middle of nowhere – these may take a lot of guts. If you’re the type who believes in baby steps, in taking things slow, and crawling before walking, you can start off with a small taste of liberation with this.

There’s nothing wrong with snoozing without clothes – in fact, it has some surprisingly healthy benefits that help in leading a better life, and enrich your bedtime habits! Although there may be a factor of shyness in this – don’t be! A lot of people have professed that sleeping naked has helped them a great deal, not only in terms of their self-esteem, but also in providing them with the ability to have an astonishingly comfortable time in bed, along with being able to sleep more deeply than they could while wearing clothes.

Here are ten reasons why sleeping naked is quite healthy –

Excellent circulation

The tightness, the constriction on our chests and nether regions imposed by the bra, panties and boxers can be done away with for smooth flow of the ol’ redness. Plus, you can wake up feeling good about the absence of unsightly scarlet lines around your waist.

Body comfort

When you nap in the nude, there’s no reason to experience a Fat Day or an Ugly Day. Your self-esteem beating takes a rest for the day, as it’s just you sliding your body between those gossamer (okay, polyester) sheets.


The running gag in most TV shows and books regarding the ‘airing of one’s privates’ now have a real life application. Our regions down there need a bit of fresh air to prevent growth of unwanted bacteria.

top 10 health benefitSex benefit

Mmm, what could be hotter than spooning skin-to-skin? It helps in closer bonding with your partner, and sleeping naked with them is efficient – who’s got time to unzip everything anyway?

Clear skin

With everything out in open air, your body achieves the required cooling down after the day’s worth of work it’s put in. This prevents secretion of sweat, congestion of pores, smelly armpits and so on.

Wrinkle-less benefits

With your body cooling down, hormones that result in growth are prevented from secretion, as they cause crow’s feet and other signs of ageing. Warm temperatures due to donning of material on your person will only accelerate this unwanted process.

Relief for the washing machine

Hey, you won’t have to do unnecessary exercise routines by lifting that heavy bag of laundry and cursing your dirty pajamas to hell. Nope, now all you have to do is caste ’em rags away till the next washing-up date! (Hopefully within the next month)

Top 10 health tips overcome depressionStress-killer

This one may sound a little fishy, but bear with me. Your body, after chilling (literally) produces this hormone called corsitol, which helps in reducing stress levels. Beauty sleep level unlocked: INFINITY!

No more Fat Days

Yup, the corsitol practically drains the unneeded body fat around your waist and other areas. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? No more horrible morning gym routines – all you need to do to lose a little weight is to sleep more! Milton couldn’t have imagined Paradise better.

Better sleep

All that talk about the body cooling down actually has a result – better sleep. In an age dominated virtually by technological devices in every aspect of our lives, our sleep schedules have gone for a toss. Kids as young as 13 go to bed only by 1 or 2 am, leading to repercussions of the severest kinds on their health. It’s crucial to be able to sleep well – we wake up feeling lovely, work gets done faster, being in a good mood actually becomes easier done than said, and you get a good, long rest. Sleeping naked is a small step in that direction.

health benefitsIt’s important, though, to remember the circumstances under which you take this monumental decision (seriously, stop thinking and remove your clothes already!). For example, if you happen to share the room with a flatmate, sibling or parent, it is strongly advised to rest in roomy, comfortable clothes rather than going commando. You need not embarrass yourself wantonly. If, however, you feel the need for nudity, make sure to take up bedroom duties in another room, where you can be alone. Also, to prevent unexpected visitors from walking in and then running out screaming that you need to visit an underwear store, either lock the door or use a thick blanket to cover yourself immediately.

But in spite of all this, go for it! It’s all in the name of health, yeah? Naked is the new cool in bedroom behaviour. Go ahead. Revel in the nudity.

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